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Oct 4, 2011 06:32 PM

Best Dinner Choice- Middlebury or Vergennes?

We're coming up from boston for our annual Vt trip this Thurs., 10/6; am so psyched. How's the foliage now?I think we may come through Woodstock (one of my fav NEng towns for the architecture and foliage) and here's my thought- dinner in Middlebury at _____ or in Vergennes at Black Sheep or Starry Night (we haven't eaten at BS or SN for 2 yrs. Looking for the best food and i always appreciate inventive, but neither of these 2 do i consider inventive.) Apparently alot of the roads are closed between W and M so we may have to come rt 4 to 7 and not 100/125, taking longer. In Burlington i know we're doing Trattoria delia and bluebird so far. Thanks much for your help.

Starry Night Cafe
5467 Route 7, Ferrisburgh, VT 05456

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  1. Honestly...the foliage is horrible this year. It's really late turning and there are lots of dull colors. FYI-you can take 100 to 125. Its open. Get off the Betheol exit, take route 12 north to Camp Brook Road and take that over the mountain to Rochester where you can pick up 100. Route 107 between Bethel and Stockbridge is still closed. I've been driving around that area all week.
    I still haven't had a meal in Middlebury that I've really, really loved. Good food sure..but nothing "special".
    I still really like Black Sheep and Starry Night and can recommend them both.
    Have you tried Touterelle in New Haven (just north of Middlebury) or Mary's at the Inn at Baldwin Creek in Bristol? A friend of mine raves about both of these. I have yet to go. I also really like Cafe Provence in Brandon-about 20 minutes south of Middlebury.

    Starry Night Cafe
    5467 Route 7, Ferrisburgh, VT 05456

    Cafe Provence
    11 Center St, Brandon, VT 05733

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      bm, THANK YOU for verifying this foliage fiasco. We came up from boston yesterday, thurs. While web foliage reports(actual people updating them) were for great colors peacham-groton lake, forGET it. nada nada nada. same when we went to Smuggler's Notch today. supposedly elevation if the key, but we saw nothing but browned out mountin tops and faded colors like fruit loops left out in the hot sun for a week.been coming to vt for 40 yrs and never seen worse for color. i wonder if it will brighten by the time it hits so.vt.

      anyway, thnx much for the tips. i'll google touterelle. Mary's has never wowed us.So far, v. good dinners at l'amante and the kitchen table.

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        Please let us know where you ended up. Sounds like you have a much more sophisticated palate than I do and I value your thoughts!