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Oct 4, 2011 06:05 PM

The Crowned Jewel of Brunswick, Maine [Athena]

This is the restaurant to dine in. This little jewel located on Mill street in Brunswick serves the most spectacular, creative and unique food you'll likely find in Maine. Combining local ingredients and a love of the Mediterranean the chefs create a charming and tasteful representation of Greek and Italian fare fit for a foodie. You can taste the love in each dish. The thoughtfulness of the wait staff, attention to detail and creativity are evident in everything they serve. Feels like you are in Athens or Rome. If you like dining out and want a real special place you can return to and count on this is it.

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  1. You might want to mention the name, "Athena"! I ate there for the first time a week ago, and completely agree: excellent and creative cooking, great flavors. My partner and I particularly enjoyed the carciofi misto: beautifully coated and fried artichoke leaf and stem as an ap. Daily home made pasta was great. I suspect everything else is similarly good, and plan to return.

    1. When I first read this I started googling "The Crowned Jewel" in Brunswick...finally concluded that it must be Athena.

      Though I must admit, this review smells a little fishy in my honest opinion. Like something written by somebody connected with the establishment. I guess I like more details in my restaurant reviews, not just something you'd read in the brochure.

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        Thanks for the feedback! Definitely not an insider. You can read my review of other restaurants in urbanspoon. The review was writen weeks since our last visit so I didn;t comment on a specific meal. There have many as my wife an I try to go at least monthly. We haven't had a dissapointing meal yet.
        John Guernelli
        Brunwsick, Maine

          1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

            I was thinking the same thing at first so I too will apologize for my assumption as well. The restaurant has a lot of nice reviews on a variety of web sites. Brunswick sometimes falls into that crack between Portland and Rockland/Camden so some good places get overlooked.

      2. Athena Trattoria is fricking great. It's a don't-miss if you're looking for moderately upscale in Brunswick. Blows H & M out of the water, less precious than Clementine, completely different aesthetic from Back Street Bistro. It's been several months since I went so sorry for lack of details. I hope to get back there soon.

        Back Street Bistro
        11 Town Hall Plaza, Brunswick, ME 04011