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Oct 4, 2011 05:58 PM

Dining Options in Henderson

I'm staying at a casino hotel in Henderson and need breakfast, lunch, buffet and dinner options. Will have a car and am familiar with Vegas region so long drives will not faze me. Thank you for your help.

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  1. Todd's Unique is a good choice for dinner. Tommy's Hamburgers on St. Rose for a real experience for your stomach. Burgers have chili on them, a chain from L.A. Really good once in a while.

    1. Settebllo Pizzaria Napoletana in the Whole Foods Plaza of "The District" is great. It's right by Green Valley Ranch. A warm, inviting place for some very good pizza. The best in the area! Great crust from a great oven and wholesome ingredients.

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        Todd's Unique for dinner would be my #1 choice.
        Settebello for pizza at lunch.
        Gaetano's serves excellent Northern Italian
        Carla Pellegrino of Rao's fame has opened up her own restaurant named Bratalian though her sister is in the kitchen.
        Bernard's Bistro on Lake Las Vegas is an excellent choice for either lunch or weekend brunch.
        The best buffet in Henderson is Studio B at M Resort.
        A former owner of the Fat Greek has opened up a new restaurant called the Great Greek.
        For upscale Mexican I would head to Sabor though it is one notch down in quality from Mundo.
        For steak, I would choose Hank's at Green Valley Ranch.
        Ventano's for southern Italian.
        Sunset Station has a more than decent, not fancy, breakfast buffet that is only $4.99.

        140 S Green Valley Pkwy Ste 172, Henderson, NV 89012

        1. re: westie

          Todd's is great as is Settebello. There is good thai at Pin Kaow on Eastern, although nothing beats Lotus of Siam. Layers Bakery up on Green Valley Parkway does a nice breakfast and lunch, and has yummy treats to go (it's counter ordering, but good food). Crazy Pita at the District has solid middle eastern food.

          I would avoid Bratalian; I had a very bad experience there, and don't think that was an isolated incident. I think Gaetano's is far better and also Terra Verde in the GVR is not bad for Italian food.

          Lotus of Siam
          953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

          140 S Green Valley Pkwy Ste 172, Henderson, NV 89012

          Crazy Pita
          2225 Village Walk Dr Ste 175, Henderson, NV 89052

          Terra Verde
          2300 Paseo Verde Parkway, Henderson, NV 89052

          1. re: lvnvflyer

            Barleys is a fun sports bar and has good lunch fare. What is this Todd's people are talking about?

              1. re: westie

                Thank you all! I am eager to try your selections.

      2. If you like sushi, try I Love Sushi. Pricier than most, but excellent quality. About 40 rolls to choose from. Always crowded, so best to go early.

        I Love Sushi
        11041 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV

        I Love Sushi
        11041 S Eastern Ave Ste 117, Henderson, NV 89052

        1. For a more casual place, try Shakespeare's Pub. It's a nice laid back English style pub (790 Coronado Center.) SushiWa is also in the same strip mall and has very good sushi.