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Oct 4, 2011 03:46 PM

Need recommendation - SM, LA, Valley - just not downtown

I'm looking for a place with really awesome food for someone's going away dinner. The food must be exceptional. Higher end ok. Any new places or standbys that just have amazing food? All recommendations welcome!

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  1. Got a budget limit? Any particular cuisines to avoid? Number of people in your party?

    1. JL asks a question, trying to help and he's a wonderful resource for things good in town.

      And you don't even check up on your original post to reply? And you expect people to respond?


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      1. re: eder

        I'm very sorry - I have been offline for several days. It was for 3 people and for no particular cuisine to avoid, but I understand your irritation. Again, my apologies.

        1. re: 1foodie1

          i really don't think you should apologize...personally, i think it was both hasty and quite unnecessarily rude for eder to call you out like that. there's no rule on chowhound that you have to constantly be checking back once you post. why be so quick to accuse?? begeebus.

          a few suggestions (not sure of what type of atm you're going for), not all exceptional, but overall pretty delish: picca, mb post, melisse, providence, spago, babita, mori sushi.