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BGR Mount Kisco

New burger place just opened in Mt. Kisco. Looks from the website that it is a chain throughout the east with a few locations. Has anyone tried this place yet? Sounds like they have some interesting things on the menu.

website : http://www.bgrtheburgerjoint.com/en/l...

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  1. Is this the place on South Moger where the Mexican used to be?

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        looks interesting but I'm not a bricohe fan for burger buns. when will this burger craze become over saturated? in the last year: 5 guys, shake shack, burger shakes & fries, elevation, westchester burger co, I'm sure I'm forgetting some and not even mentioning the white castles, mc d, & bk's of the world...plus ones that haven't opened areound us yet like smashburger, in & out, etc

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          as usual westchester gets skipped and gets only the 2nd rate places. basically all the new ones are making up for the last 30 yrs. where no one would compete with mcdonalds. alot of the new places will disappear in a few years.shake shack (granted in westport) and smashburger have no plans for westchester, they seem to be two of the best

    1. Passed yesterday around 5:30 PM and the place was packed.

      1. seems to me it should be brgr joint not bgr joint- has a whole different connotation!

        1. We arrived and they were out of what is claimed to be their "signature Burger", the Wellington. Well that's that, so anyways it seems like they have some interesting choices, such as a tuna burger, and etc., With some good toppings. I ordered the lunch combo, a burger with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and "mojo" sauce, that comes with fries and a drink for $10.50. Not a bad price. Service was quick pretty quick. The burger was pretty big and juicy, and the fries were excellent, on the other hand a friend with me ordered onion rings which were incredibly greasy, to much for me. I have to go back and try some of the different burgers, but definitely not a bad choice for a quick lunch or dinner

          1. I stopped in this week for a little take-out at lunch. Took 20 minutes to get the lunch special of a burger and fries with a drink ($9.99). Good fries, burger was ordered medium and was overcooked. I didn't have the onion rings but they didn't look great. Three huge rings per order.
            Staff was clearly still learning how to deal with the crowds. I will wait a little while and then try it again.

            1. Tried BGR over the weekend. Ordered two burgers with American cheese, lettuce, pickles onions and mojo sauce. The burgers had a nice char on the outside but the middle wasn't as juicy as I'd hoped. My son's sliders were way overcooked and very dry (maybe since it's a kids burger there's a rule that they need to be cooked well done? Not sure) but the fries were very good. We added garlic and parmesan cheese. I want to go back and try the Wellington burger before I head to Elevation soon! (I'm loving all these burger places!)

              1. I went back to try their Wellington burger. Very delicious. Roasted mushrooms, onions, blue cheese and a hint of mustard - it all works. I'd take this burger over a petite filet at Ruth's Chris any day!

                1. Heard mixed reviews- Some good, some not so good! What is there best Burger. I'll take recommendations. The Wellington sounds good but I'm not a Bleu Cheese fan. Will they cook Medium-Rare. IMO this is where Steaks and Burgers need to be?

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                    I've only tried a few burgers on their menu, but I keep going back to the Wellington - it's really, really good. The blue cheese isn't that overpowering. The mushrooms, garlic and mustard really add a tasty dimension to it. Yup - they'll cook it medium rare - just tell them.

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                      I have to say that the one time I tried the Wellington it was so salty it was overpowering. I couldn't taste much of anything btu salt. I don't know if it was an off day for them or if whoever was seasoning the burgers on the grill had too heavy a hand. I'd give it another try as I love the blue cheese/sauteed onion combo (one of my favorites). The two times I've had their regular, unadorned burgers they've been very good (and yes, cooked medium rare).

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                        It might have been an off day - I've never noticed too much salt. I'd give it one more try. I had one just last weekend - really good. And I never went near asparagus as a kid, but I find myself craving their grilled asparagus with grated cheese. :o)

                  2. tried it.
                    found it to be 'meh'

                    it's certainly no Blazer Pub.

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                      I think burgers are like pizza - everyone has their own opinion about what makes a good one. Personally don't care for Blazer burgers, but some love it. I guess that's what makes the world go round!

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                        WCG - To your quote: Only Partially. Ask BLT Prime about "Le Burger" More so with Pizza; I agree. But with Burgers, Temp is what the important aspect is, Quality of Beef, and the toppings are subjective. Nes Pa?

                        Daughter got back late from a sports game and she wanted Blazer, so off we went. Decided on a Bacon-Swiss but on the hard roll 'cause they make such a mess on the regular A&P rolls.The Fries were undercooked, the burger was a little over cooked. Tasty but is their chef from this planet or the nut house. At 9PM you should still be able to get a temp correct, and look at the fries on a plate as say these should be in for another 3 minutes. JUST AMAZING.
                        I'm going back because every experience is a different one, But, you keep this kind of crap up and I'm DONE! ALSO, is the wait staff stupid too? They serve the grub ALL day long aren't THEY supposed to look at the plates as a last check? Or am I just being a jerk? My order was simple - BGR mid-rare / Small Fires to share. That's just too much with the Ranger game going on? And my daughter tells me to stop complaining.Didn't have the time to send back- my girl has homework. I should hand HER the $28 bill minus tip.

                        I'm gonna try BGR over the weekend and see what happens.

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                          Unfortunately it sounds like the wait staff doesn't care. if they did they would have made sure your fries were done right. My husband went there for lunch with a friend the other day and was underwhelmed for $30!

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                            Exactly my point. They have become complacent. Packed house=I dont give a $#@T.
                            I really like the place though, So roadside seedy, local, smelly, drunks at the bar, and they say no tank tops HA! For the fries, it was only the second time in well,,,,20+ years of going there, but lately you don't have to give a temp. Just tell them "Whatever the chef decides cause he doesn't care what I think anyway" Even I can get a temp rght either on a grill or a cast iron skillet. It burns my ass!

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                              I am unable to follow your posts here. Are you talking about BGR, BLT Prime, Blazer, or something else? I'm guessing it's not BGR based on these last comments about drinks at the bar.

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                                  Yes, I thought so. I just couldn't figure out why it was in the BGR thread.

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                                    it was/is, because I said I much preferred the Blazer Pub to the (utterly 'eh') BGR

                                    that's why.
                                    not tricky to "figure out"

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                                      It all got a little mixed up. Sorry Mr. Bill, at least i won't talk about the Cookery :) So my report on BGR is mixed. I had a classic Bacon Swiss Burger and my Son had a regular cheese burger I found the regular cheese burger to be fine. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the Bacon-Swiss was so far overcooked that I had to send it back. I won't eat grey meat. Son's was medium to med-well. I did notice a bit of extra saltiness but not horrible. Fries were fine so i will give it another shot. They weren't crowded and i wonder if this is a bad thing with Kisco Rents. So to stay on point. Not bad - Not Great. 4 out of 10 but I hope to raise their score, next time. i will report back.