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Oct 4, 2011 01:56 PM

Montreal near the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth

I saw this asked before but not in the last year or so. We will be there two nights this week and I am wondering about places to eat that are for non gourmets. We will eat just about anything but my red neck husband prefers meat and potatoes. Basically don't want to break the bank either. One night we re going to Tohu so might like a place to eat near there.


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  1. Across the street from the hotel is The Keg which would be perfect for your husband and will also have things for you.

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      The Dominion Square Tavern is very close by, and so is Dunn's. Dominion Square is pricier pub food but if you're from out of town it's worth going one night or for a lunch to this historic place, or just for a drink and an appetizer:

    2. Thank you very much. Your info is quite helpful.