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Grocery Outlet, October 2011

San Pablo

33 cents - Planters vanilla caramal almonds
75 cents - Kraft horseradish
99 cents - Concord grapes
1.50 - Whonu chocolate chip cookies
1.99 - Petit Ecolier vanilla cookies
3.99 - Archer Farm creamy cashew butter

The Kraft horeradish has good ingredients and I like it. It is in the refrigerated section.

Whonu ... skip the chocolate chip, but if you see the vanilla sandwich cookies I liked those

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  1. The South San Francisco store was supposed to open Fall 2011, but now the website says early 2012:


    1. Pinole

      50 cents - Phllly cream cheese single serving (4)

      $1.99 - Best Choice quick oats 48 oz

      $2.49 - Gallon of Kraft blue cheese salad dressing

      $2.49 - Large Best Foods low fat mayo

      $? ?? - Sierra Nevada aged goat cheddar

      Someone mentioned the goat cheddar at Oakland, I think, a few months back and I haven't seen it until today. It isn't as good as another goat cheddar I tried, but nice enough. I think the price on the shelf was different than the price I was charged. So this seems to be a conitnuing thieme at the Pinole store. Every time I go in there I am mischared for something.

      They also had the 99 cent Concord grapes that were actually quite good, though they seemed psuedo Concord. They are much smaller, the skin doesn't slip off like the larger Concords, the seeds are tiny and the flavor not as intense. All of the above is acually a good thing to me. I like Concord grapes, but can only eat a few at a sitting because they pack a flavor wallop.

      If your really, really love Kraft blue cheese dressing ... there's a lot for less than the price of a regular bottle.

      I was amused by the background nusic at the Pinole GO. It was Broadway songs. I walked into the store fot Stephan Sondheim;s :Waiting around for the girls upstairs" from Follies. The first time I heart that score in pre-Broadway tryouts in Boston, I never would have guessed someday I'd hear it in a bargain grocery store.

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        The Sierra Nevada aged goat cheddar is occasionally available at the Berkeley branch and I get it whenever it is. That and the Uniekaas aged goudas are my favorite cheese occasionally, but regularly available at Berkeley Grocery Outlet. The goat cheddar is generally $7.99 per pound, factory wrapped in black plastic in blocks of ~0.6 lbs.

        1. re: ...tm...

          I've tried the Cabot Wasabi cheddar and the low fat Jalapeno cheddar. Both are starting to grow on me and are an economical alternative to Cheeseboard's not unreasonable prices. I figured the low fat option and price would be worth a whirl.

      2. Lots of the Robodolce gelato and sorbetto at the San Pablo store this weekend, $2.99.

        1. I didn't mention the Great Northern blueberry maple syrup for $4.99. I had it this morning and it is really, really good. Excellent blueberry flavor from the wild blueberry concentrate.

          There's also creme fraiche for $1.49. A dollop on top of pancakes with blueberry syrup ... nice.

          While I'm here - the Edward and Sons exotic rice toast at 59 cents were ok. I had the Thai red rice and flaxseed, as well as the Jasmine rice and spring onion. I preferred the latter. There is a third flavor I haven't spotted ... purple rice and black sesame.

          While they are not as exotic or interesting as they sound ... rice crackers are rice crackers ... they are only 60 calories for 7 crackers and the sodium is really low.

          1. Berkeley had a few bottles of Blue Raspberry and sugarless Almond Torani syrup, a few cannisters of Dagoba Cacao and Thai Drinking Chocolate and some sort of Starbucks ice cream bars on Saturday.

            It was Customer Appreciation day and they gave away tacos and had raffles for a big screen TV, his and her bikes and $100 gift certificates. I won a cloth shopping bag with a Robin Williams DVD and 3 boxes of M & M's for having shopping cart #6.

            It kind of had the feel of the old Berkeley COOP store. People seemed to be having a good time.

            1. My post on the Calif board for today's shopping at the Salinas store

              Lea & Perrins, 5 oz, $1.99 - non-HFCS version

              1. I keep forgetting to post about this, Seneca all natural crisp onions 20 cents for a small pack.

                I'm going for a traditional Thanksgiving this year. Even though I've personally never served it, I've been considering the green bean casserole with the crispy fried onions. I never liked French's. The Seneca are wonderful. Sweet and lightly crispy. I've actually been eating them as snacks. Only 60 calories a bag and no junk or preservatives.

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                1. Mom: (Incredulous paging through Modernist Cuisine) Oh brother! And this recipe includes "pigeon blood, 20 grams-- fresh"
                  Son: Maybe you can get it at Grocery Outlet.

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                  1. re: Tumkers

                    I believe I have seen pigeons or doves out in the parking lot. Sub seagull blood?

                    Speaking of the parking lot, Saturday they had a produce tent set up out there. Yesterday it was still there. They had medium-sized pumpkins for 2.99?, small watermelons, and bags of other fruit. I buy my fruit at the farmers' market or pick it off my mom's trees, but the produce tent might be worth checking out.

                  2. Oakland:

                    $.79 28 oz. can Hunts whole plum tomatoes in juice, no salt
                    $.99 14.5 oz can Muir Glen organic fire roasted petit dice tomatoes with chipotle
                    $4.99 4 oz. Nash Brothers Organic Vanilla extract
                    $3.99 Dagoba drinking chocolate, Xocatl and Chai flavors
                    $1.49 De Cecco kamut spaghetti
                    $2.49 6 oz Sharffen Berger baking pieces (both 62 percent/semisweet and 70 percent/bittersweet)
                    $2.99 Guy Fieri sausages (a couple of different flavors)
                    $1.99 Bryers ice cream sandwiches (box of six) two different flavors

                    $7.99 Macaroni Grill frozen lasagne (2 40 oz.. trays)
                    $6.99 Lean Cuisine variety six-pack

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                      1. re: Glencora

                        Haven't tried them yet. I bought the apricot sesame (pork) and I'll let you know.

                        1. re: Glencora

                          I tried a couple and they were better than I expected them to be for a "name" product, would buy again.

                          1. re: Scrapironchef

                            I actually liked the apricot sesame sausages -- a different flavor profile made a nice change.

                            They still had them at Oakland on the 29th. I also bought:

                            2/$1 Oikos Greek nonfat yogurt (Dannon). Ingredients milk and cultures.
                            $1.99 (said $2-something on the shelf tag but rang up $1.99) Sunspire peanut butter chips "natural" no trans-fats
                            $4.99/lb (random weight) Oregouda Gold (organic 12-month aged gouda) -- a great cheese to have in the house, good for everything from snacking to mac 'n cheese

                        2. re: Ruth Lafler

                          I tried the Guy Fieri sausages and the Breyers ice cream sandwiches which I found at Berkeley.

                          The GF Sesame/Apricot were undistinguished, although better pan broiled that steamed. They were on the salty side. You could taste the soy sauce. One of them had a piece of bone and a piece of gristle in it. They were certainly no better than any number of other sausages on the market. I never liked his hair either.

                          The Breyers never hardened up again in my less than optimum freezer. The cookies were on the soggy side. The chocolate/chocolate fudge/caramel swirl ice cream was OK, but maybe not worth the calories.

                          1. re: Ruth Lafler

                            The edit function is no longer functional!

                            In trying the Guy Fieri, I did discover that the Jack Daniels BBQ sauces are pretty good. I had the brown sugar variety. Not too sweet and on the tangy side. Very pleasant and would buy again.

                          2. Berkeley yesterday

                            2.99? - More bottles of Torani syrup with the addition of a Chocolate flavor (Decadence?)
                            1.99 - Dagoba lemon/ginger dark chocolate bars finally arrived in Berkeley. They are the reason I started coming here, but I stocked up at Oakland
                            1.49? - Alphabet tator tots in the shape of letters - more crunchy surface?
                            2.59 - Shasta Kiwi-Strawberry soda - strawberry soda with a light citrus before taste
                            1.99? - Haagen Daz Chai Latte half pints - Indian, not Thai, chai. Don't particularly like Chai and don't drink lattes, but this was good with a distinct clove, cardomon flavor in a creamy base.
                            3.99 - Evergood pineapple sausages.

                            1. Petaluma = chocolate - Dagoba hot chocolate mixes (3 flavors) for $4 & syrup 64 oz for $10. Dagoba small milk chocolate squares 4/$1. Hachez 77% or 88% 37 gram bars for $1. Scharffen Berger milk chocolate with almonds. Santander dark chocolate with espresso .2 oz 8/$1.

                              Santa Rosa only had a couple bottles of the syrup and none of the other chocolate goodies.

                              On the other hand, SR had an amazing variety and amount of teas in the natural foods aisle, tea/drinks aisle and above the freezers.

                              Also had Greek Gods Lebni pints for $2. Delicious.

                              Both stores seem to be shifting into fall. They're carrying a full selection of Vee Tee Indian packets after many months without. Many frozen food options too.

                              Grocery Outlet
                              1116 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

                              Grocery Outlet
                              80 E Washington St, Petaluma, CA

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                              1. re: Columba

                                San Pablo got in the Dagoba organic syrup. They also have lots of Horizon organic dairy products. Not everything is in the list below. There was also lots of Horizon cheese

                                50 cents - Box of Coldstone Creamery hot chocolate packets

                                50 cens - Lipton beef onion dry soup
                                79 cents - Progresso bread crumbs
                                99 cents - Sarah Lee whole grain white bread with no HFCS
                                99 cents - DaVinci gnocchi
                                1.49 - Horizon organic plain yogurt 32 oz
                                1.49 - Lots of Osacar Meyer cold cuts ... 12 oz turkey breast, deli beef salami, etc
                                1.99 - Kraft Simply Cottage Cheese 24 oz
                                1.99 - Horizon organic milk 1/2 gallon
                                3.99 - Great Northern organic cranberry maple syrup

                                1. re: rworange

                                  Oakland had that Dagoba syrup, too. I was mighty tempted!

                                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                    Is this like Hershey's chocolate syrup? For making cold chocolate milk? Am I going to have to trek to Oakland again?

                                      1. re: rworange

                                        Presumably, though, it doesn't go bad. If you do trek to Oakland, it was on the bottom of the shelves opposite the freezer case where they have honey, tea, coffee, etc.

                              2. At the Newark location:
                                Prarie Grove Farms all-natural peppered bacon (no nitrates or nitrites) - $2.49
                                5-oz. tub of grated parmesan - $.50 (the tag was priced differently, though it rang up for $.50)
                                2-pk English cucumbers - $.79 (the tag was priced differently, though rang up for $.79)