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Oct 4, 2011 12:40 PM

Dried rosemary

Can anyone recommend somewhere local where I can buy dried rosemary loose or in containers larger than the over priced small spice rack size containers in the grocery store? Looking for good quality. Last time I tried Henry's bulk it was twiggy crap. Thanks.

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  1. I usually buy the spices in the bags from Henry's (now Sprouts). I think the brand is "God's Green Nursery" or something like that. I like that the brand is local to San Diego so I feel like it should be fresher than the stuff you find at the supermarket. I stay away from their bulk stuff since I don't think it's dated and who knows how long its been sitting on the shelf.

    Other than that I haven't found any good place to buy spices locally. You might want to try Penzey's online although the shipping price is pretty steep if you're only buying a small amount.

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      Second for Penzey's. I've had really good luck with most of their stuff.

      If you are centrally located, the bulk spickes at Windmill Farms are generally pretty decent. They keep them in pull out drawers so it's pretty easy to inspect the product before you purchase.

    2. If you want a large bag of fresh, that you can easily dry, Costco Business Center carries it for about $3.00 a large bag. I also believe they carry large jars of dried. They also carry fresh tyme, basil and occasionally fresh oregano. I've purchased many varieties of fresh and dry from the Business Center, no one beats their price.

      1. Smart and Final has a good selection of herbs and spices at very reasonable prices especially if you want more than the tiny jar you get at the grocery store. Tradewinds brand 8 and 12oz sizes. If I remember correctly most everything was in the $5 range give or take a few dollars.

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          meadandale- Thanks for the Smart and Final tip. Largest size for rosemary was 5oz and only $3.62 compared to a puny 1oz at Vons that was almost $7! I'm in rosemary heaven.

          cstr- I forgot the Costco business center carried fresh herbs. Do they usually have large bunches of basil? I haven't checked out the dried herbs and spices there, but I've never found rosemary in the regular Costco stores. Seem to have all the basics except rosemary.

          Thanks everyone.

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            Yes, they usually always have basil, tyme, mint, rosemary and occasionally oregano. I'm going there next week and will look at their dried availabllity and post back.