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Seeking restaurant near the Adrienne Arsht Center

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NYC Chowhounds coming to a show and need to meet friends for dinner before the curtain. We will be treating and would like something interesting, but not too spicy. We all like grilled fish and most ethnic foods. If there are prix fixe theater dinners in the area, that would be helpful. We'd like to keep it around $35-40 per person, if possible. Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.

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  1. The phuc-yeah pop up restaurant is near there. Haven't been but it is getting good reviews from others on this board.

    Little lotus also gets much love but I have not been. It is in the area as well.

    Fratelli Milano - like the above I have never been but heard great things and want to go.

    You also might want to try river oyster bar which may not be terribly interesting but is very good.

    DB Bistro is too expensive. Zuma is as well.

    1. There's an incredible dearth of restaurants near the Arsht Center. The only one within walking distance is the Democratic Republic of Beer which, despite the name, isn't all that bad. There's Prelude in the Arsht Center itself that I'm not a big fan of.

      That said, you may need to expand the reach into the Design District/Midtown areas or Downtown.That opens up a lot more choices.

      1. Phuc Yea! Vietnamese pop-up in downtown Miami will be around until December.

        Nemesis Urban Bistro is also close by, eclectic menu with a South African influence.

        Little Lotus downtown I've been to a couple times and showed some promise - Japanese izakaya and sushi.

        Bin No. 18 is a place I don't get to often but would fit the bill.

        City Hall is in the right area but I was not at all excited by the food when I went there.

        Note that Phuc Yea and Little Lotus in particular will be difficult to find particularly for a non-local, they are sort of buried away inside office buildings downtown.

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          I second Bin 18. It is very close and very good.

        2. New addition to the list. Mignonette.

          Oysters, caviar, champagne, lobster... down the block