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Oct 4, 2011 10:51 AM

Apple Picking on the North Fork

Heading out there this weekend for apple picking. Have found a few orchards/stands online but was curious if anyone had any recommendations? Had no luck doing a search. THank you! Also, we are planning on the night maze at Harbe's. Anyone done this?

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  1. On Fresh Pond Ave between Sound Ave and Rt 25 in Calverton 11933 is a huge apple orchard.
    I pass by the sign every day but can't remember the name.

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    1. re: Motosport

      We used to go there every year - it's part of Lewin Farms, I believe. But the past two years, as a result no doubt of growing popularity and huge crowds, the owners have simply abandoned any pretense of caring. They have about a dozen varieties of apples there, and used to have each row clearly marked as well as maps available up front. Not anymore. And they're not at all interested in answering questions, either.

      1. re: sbp

        what a shame about lewin as they were on my short list! i have narrowed it down to wickham farms in cutch. and woodside orchards in jamesport, if anyone has any input on either. thanks!

        1. re: giftergirl

          I've bought lots of fruit from both over quite a few years, but never picked. They are both good, but I tend to buy from Woodside, usually the stand on 25 in Aquebogue when they're open, the Orchard on Manor Lane when they're not.

          It's a much smaller operation and two recent weekdays, I saw lone families going out picking in Aquebogue. It looked like it would be nice and low key. When I inquired, I was told two or three varieties were being picked at the time and the instructions on where and what to pick were clear and simple.

          They carry a lot of baked goods also as well as cider and all I've tried were very good. I'm sure Wickham's picking operation is well run and I would think it could get very busy. Their baked goods are also excellent.

          Those little doughnuts. I WILL have to stop for a couple or three of those to go with the 7-11 coffee from across the street for the hour ride home.

    2. Have you tried Wickhams on Main Road in Cutchogue just past the light driving east (sometimes it's hard to see since it's recessed from the road). They have u-pick, and I have gotten great apples there, though I've never picked them. I always feel that Wickhams has integrity and isn't trying to turn their farm into a circus act. Bear in mind that they are closed on Sundays, which is so old-fashioned.

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      1. re: roxlet

        i just called wickham and i think we are going to go with them given the variety. it is our first time going and it will be a group of 5 so i think it will be best to have more choices.

        edited to add: wickham requires a $20 membership fee which apparently goes through to next year's season.

      2. wanted to report back that we went to wickham fruit farm. nice setup. paid for our bushel bags and we were driven out to the orchards. though they claim they grow 20 or 30 varieties, we saw signs for about 8-10 different kinds. we did have to walk a bit given that lots of the trees were already picked over but either way, it was an enjoyable experience.

        i also wanted to add that we went to krupski's pumpkin farm afterwards and had a lot of fun. they have a "haunted" corn maze. our group had 3 teens (15 year olds) that thought the maze might be more suited for younger kids, but the staff at krupski's really tailors the maze to those going through it at the time (ie, they definitely chased us a bit more and tried to make it more scary, while we saw a little boy going through who didn't get too much of the scary treatment.) I would definitley recommend it as a fun stop.

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        1. re: giftergirl

          Different apple varieties mature at different times; see, e.g.,

          (though that's last year's list).
          So if they grow 20-30 varieties (don't they know how many?), I can see 8-10 or fewer being ripe at any particular time, and the earlier-ripening ones would presumably have been picked through.

          A maize maze, huh?

          1. re: Scott_R

            haha yes a maize maze lol!

            makes sense about the apple varieties but when i called and asked about what varieties they had for picking, i got the impression they would all be available that weekend. i think their website says that they don't expect to have apples available for u-pick after columbus day. but either way, fun was had by all.

            1. re: giftergirl

              I'd definitely be surprised that they'd have all their varieties available on any particular date. I generally get my apples at the Garden City farmer's market (can't recall the orchard's name, only that they're from upstate), and what they have changes over the course of the fall.

        2. Windy Acres in Calverton is very popular. Rt 25 just West of Edwards Ave.