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Oct 4, 2011 10:07 AM

Suggestions in Milan?

SO will be in Milan for a few days (he has been before). I'm just starting to research restaurants and will do a search of this Board.

While in Italy they will be having dinner at Restaurant 1500, vigilius mountain resort. He first discovered Executive Chef Mauro Buffo's cuisine at Falai in NYC:

I'd appreciate any suggestions . . .

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  1. They will be staying at The Carlyle in City Center for 2-3 days.

    It's white truffle season. I'm not sure if they plan to go to Alba (Piedmont) for the Truffle Fair. Where is the best place for truffles in Milan?

    1. I did a search of this Board and most recent posts seem to be Spring & Summer 2011:

      Maybe Latteria San Marco for lunch, Pasticceria Marchesi for pastries & espresso?


      Latteria San Marco
      Via San Marco 24, Milan, Lombardia , IT

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          I am not remembering that they even sold coffee or that I saw tables in Marchese but I was in there at 6 or 7 pm on a mission to buy a gift so I may simply not have noticed - locals can correct me.

          Marchese is very traditional and expensive with older ladies in uniform behind the counter. They, packaged up my gifts beautifully..I think I might go elsewhere for your coffee/pastry break

          As I reported, Latteria San Marco offers very simple, delicious food if you are in the Brera area for lunch. Its a tiny space you will squeeze into Indicative of the tininess is that it has no bathroom - the waiter has to take you to some adjoining bldg for this so plan ahead. Im not sure what the days are for the nearby Market. (it was operating on Mon and not on Tues during our visit) but it is a wonderful place to wander through and shop if it is open.

          If you know what neighborhoods you want to explore, such as Navigli, Brera, etc you can use the maps on the Restaurant page to identify possibilities. trattoria Milanese and Innocenti Evasioni were two other places we considered for our recent visit, but closing days and lack of time got in the way.

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            Thanks so much, Jen.

            They'll only be in Milan a few days. Everything is expensive given the exchange rate. the first time I was in London the exchange rate was $2.00 to a pound. That was pre-Euro :)

            Too bad he can't bring some white truffles home for me . . .

        2. hi there....does anyone have any suggestions for south milan, the chiesa rossa or stadera 'hoods? only here for a couple days, don't have much time for straying from my base (chiesa rossa). any help is appreciated!


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            In addition to browsing Gambero Rosso and the Osterie d'Italia, you might want to check out the website Spotted by Locals for its Milan section and see if you spot something worth taking a flyer on.

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                thanks y'all, will report back in a few....