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Oct 4, 2011 09:35 AM

Scarpetta vs Bartolotta vs Milos

I am taking two female clients out for dinner tonight. Looking for something elegant and intimate, not flashy. Also, do not want to break the bank. I have been to Milos for lunch and it was excellent, but that was their lunch special and I am concerned that it might be super expensive for dinner. Same for Bartolotta.

Any advice, or alternatives?

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  1. Just a quickie that might help. Since you have mentioned Scarpetta, Milos and Bartolotta there is a "Med" theme in play, and if that is your preference, Nove at the Palms might be interesting for your purposes. It is "Ladies Night", so all entree's for your clients would 50 percent off, and the evening view as the lights come on is a terrific back drop (there could be some really dramatic colors around sunset given the weather pattern today).

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      Thanks QAW, but it looks a bit too brash for what I am looking for. Correct on the Med theme though.

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        Tp file away, the brashness of Nove tends to wear off a bit mid-week, when there is a different crowd on the property.

        For elegant and intimate, perhaps Valentino at the Venetian can also be added to the list of possibilites.

      2. re: QAW

        Went to nove on last trip, disappointed in food and service.

      3. We loved Scarpettas at The Cosmopolitan. For appetizers, we had the Creamy Polenta...amazing flavors, smooth and silky, and we loved it. The Raw Yellowtail was fresh and just as good as if we ordered it at Nobu. The Crispy Fritto Miso came all shredded and deep fried and it was light, airy, and very very good. For entrees, we had Duck Foie Gras Ravioli and my husband said it was beyond terrific, he ate it all and the flavors blended so well. I had the Short Rib Agnolotti and it was a dish I will always remember. That good. Our friends had the Roasted Chicken and how simple could that be but he said it was the best chicken he has ever had. His wife choose the Spaghetti and it too looked so simple but the flavors were unbelievable. Desserts were outstanding. I highly recommend Scarpettas and wonder, what other Italian restaurants are just as good if not better?

        Nobu Restaurant
        4455 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

        1. Went to Scarpetta, view was fab, but food did not blow me away, although my guests seemed very happy.