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Oct 4, 2011 08:46 AM

Best picnic spot on Spring Mtn in Napa??

Hi! We will be visiting Napa/Sonoma for several days in mid-October and are hoping the weather will cooperate for some picnic lunches. We usually avoid visiting this area during busy seasons (fall) and on weekends, but a couple of business trips have left us with these days available. We are planning to visit some "off-the-beaten-path" places to avoids crowds and have gotten some great suggestions from this list. We have decided to spend one day on Spring Mountain in Napa and would like a recommendation about the best winery for a picnic. Right now, I am considering Schweiger and Pride, but am open to other suggestions. Looking for a great view and clean comfortable picnic accommodations at a friendly winery. Thanks for your assistance!

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  1. Without a doubt, Pride has the greatest view possible from their picnic area. Don't forget to set an appointment, get a bottle from them of what you like, I personally like both Cabs, Sauvignon and Franc and drink in the best view on Spring Mountain!

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      Another vote for Pride. Here's a panorama from their vineyard near the top of Spring Mountain.

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          Great picture, Malcolm! We did have a picnic at Pride. We loved this winery! The wine was fantastic, the tour was interesting, the staff were very friendly and the picnic location was perfect! We will go back for sure!!

    2. Keenan Winery is a very low-key, super friendly, family-owned and run winery. Picnic tables on the grounds. Their wines have consistently ranked in the low to mid-90's on the Robert Parker review. We have been going there for our spring, summer, fall picnics for almost a decade now. If you are ever around the Saturday of father's weekend, you should consider visiting because they have their summer party where you could enjoy the grounds with tables under tents, live music, food, and most of all, wine tasting out of the barrel as well as their other, regular tastings. Very festive and interesting.

      As for all wineries in the Spring Mountain district, always call ahead to make reservations for all visits. I think that it is required for that area.

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        If you're not a plan-ahead type, you can call them on your cell phone when you're close and often get in.