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Oct 4, 2011 07:59 AM

Can I start over Unread Posts link? Please

As mentioned in Site Talk post linked below, I could not get back to SF Bay Unread Posts page using my saved bookmark. I have tried to rebook mark but only get the full SF Bay page, with its intro to new users and all current postings including those I have seen before (frequently). How can I start again, get to Unread Posts page with ability to mark all as read when I have done so, and bookmark same for easy return. I like to check in to several other pages as well, but can't get the unread page feature for them. Help would be appreciated.

Here is link to previous posting on this topic which seems to be out of reply loop now.


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  1. is the main page for new posts. For new posts on a specific board, use the "switch board" link near the top right of that page.

    As an aside, a new thread was likely not necessary in this case. Thank you for your patience.