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Oct 4, 2011 07:41 AM

Tuscany butcher shop/Restaurant New Canaan. Anyone tried either of these?

Ii was wondering if anyone had tried either of these yet. I've been really looking forward to the butcher shop in particular.

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  1. We went in for a drink Saturday late afternoon,The space is beautiful! You walk into the butcher shop (prices were high,but displayed nicely)then continue into the dinning room which is ultra modern but well done, you then continue into the bar area with a horseshoe bar and some additional tables.I thought the whole place was laid out very well and apparently cost was not an issue ( read high end) we did not eat anything but talk to a couple next to us that a pasta & a chicken dish and gave thumbs up to both.Hope this helps.

    1. we have used the butcher shop a few times. we bought a flank steak over the weekend which was great. We also bot a prepared lasagna for the house which was very nice (good sauce and cheese). their twice baked potatoes are very good and they also have some nice cheeses. they are very friendly and fill a much needed void in town. we are going to have dinner there in a couple of weeks. i'll report back then.

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