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Thanksgiving Potluck ideas?

I hope I am posting in the right page. Was hoping what other CH's have done for potlucks and the reaction...I want to steal your idea :)

Having an office potluck, everyeone here is very open, and there are no food restrictions. Something out of the norm is very welcomed.

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  1. A big crockpot full of garlic mashed potatoes are always a hit. Pulled pork sandwiches are easy and most people like those as well.

    1. Are you looking for Thanksgiving-specific ideas? Or is this just a regular pot luck at Thanksgiving time? If the former, this Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding from Epicurious has been a hit on my table quite a few times: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

      I also like to serve a compote or chutney on T-Giving and that’s something you can be quite certain other people won’t be bringing. Lots of choices out there. I’ve served pumpkin chutney; a ginger/apple preserve; a prune, pear, and saffron compote; a chestnut and onion confit.

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        I was thinking mushrooms too, but a mushroom and puff pastry strudel. An entree for vegetarians, a side dish for meat-eaters. A pumpkin dip can be fun, too.

      2. Big hit was mini cheesecakes in cupcake liners. Different flavors. Of course, it's a lot of work but so much fun. Everything from pomegranates to chocolate.

        1. What kind of office kitchen do you have? ie Will there be a dozen people trying to use one plug in for their crockpots? Is there a fridge/stove? That and what kind of equipment you have will help determine what to bring.

          Office potlucks I've been to vary from a sea of mayo laden deli salads to well organized dinners with a nice balance of apps, mains etc.

          The mention of potlucks always reminds me of this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/577088 I don't know that it's quite what you're looking for but it's a fun read :)

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            We'll probably end up using one of the boardrooms on the floor to set things up. We don't really have a kitchen, but we do have a fridge, so it looks like we'll have to make it at home then bring it in.

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              That makes things a bit less flexible. Good question to ask, Maplesugar. Maybe a nice wild rice salad would fit the bill. You can serve cold or at room temp, but it has the sort of autumnal feel you'd want, maybe with some roasted butternut squash cubes tossed in.

          2. Last year I made spinach brownies for Thanksgiving (named since made in a brownie pan), a recipe from HillJ.
            What attracted me to the recipe was that it could be served at room temperature. Everyone enjoyed it. It was a quick and easy dish to make. Perfect for a potluck!


            1. I would do a couple of huge turkey hoagies; wrapped in parchment and foil they are easily transported, nothing to spill, and cut them when you get there or lay a knife out and let people cut the size they want. It could be out of the norm if you make the turkey, cranberry, and stuffing from scratch (though truth be told, Stove Top is the best stuffing for sandwiches, and if you pack it and chill it you can make nice slices of it).

              Here's what I'd put on it:
              Roasted Turkey (I rub mine with garlic and oil for flavor)
              Cranberry relish (make your own with OJ for a flavor punch)
              Baby spinach
              Pickled red onions
              Stuffing (try it on a turkey sandwich, it's awesome!)
              If you're crazy about it, offer gravy as a dip for the sandwiches
              Bring a jar of pepperoncini in case anyone wants a little heat

              1. Anything in a crockpot would be quite nice. Having outlets at the office will keep the dish warm so that you're not restricted to thinking of dishes that will have to keep at room temperature. Chicken tortilla soup is great (and different) or butternut squash soup if you want to stay seasonal. Pulled pork does very well in the crockpot, as does pot roast.