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Oct 3, 2011 09:15 PM

Noodle Loft in Beijing - Is it still open?

After reading some good reviews (and, admittedly, some mixed reviews), I decided on my Beijing trip to try the Noodle Loft.

I found the address on the website. It lists to locations: 20 Xi Dawang Lu and 3 Heping Xijie. I don't speak Chinese, so I asked my hotel concierge to write the address on a taxi card. He called the number listed to check if I needed reservations, but discovered they were closed.

It wasn't clear to me if both locations were closed, or even if he had his information right.

However, looking for reviews here and on other sites, I can't find any reviews written this year. I don't see any posts about it closing, but I don't see any posts about people eating there either.

So is there anyone on the board the can confirm that the Noodle Loft is still open? Can anyone provide a current address (or addresses if there are multiple locations). If multiple locations are still open, is there much variance in quality and dining experience between locations? Any recommended location?


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  1. There's a review dated 22 Sep 2011 on Tripadvisor:-

    1. hi thomco! I have to tell u regretfully that dinner had closed in the spring of 2011.
      But there is another choice for u, the NOODLE LOFT at No.33 Guangshunbei Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing(at the 2nd floor of Fuma Mansion.Tel 84724700
      i haven't been there, but i knew from my friends that dinner is very worth to go!
      If u have any questions,pls message me at this site.
      Have a good taste!