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Oct 3, 2011 08:40 PM

Toronto Wedding Caterer - Food Dudes?

Just wondering if anyone out there has used the Food Dudes to cater their wedding...

I'm looking into En Ville, 10tation and Daniel et Daniel but can use ANY caterer for our venue and would like some input from anyone who's gotten married recently. I'm finding all the quotes a little high, but maybe that's just how this City is...

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Try and get a quote from Noble Culinary Creations - they are my favourite overall for response time, helpfulness, and overall value.

    Noble Culinary
    127 Manville Rd, Toronto, ON M1L, CA

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      I second that. They did my wedding in August, and Tina and Chef Noble went above and beyond the call of duty. The food was so good, my guests would not stop raving about it! She totally made it work within my budget to boot.

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      1. You may want to consider contacting The Stop ( They are a charitable organization and community food centre. They provide catering services and their two chefs have worked at some of the city's top restaurants. I was at a dinner in June that was catered by The Stop and the food was delicious. I have some food allergies and they provided alternative dishes for me that I really enjoyed. Their menus look delicious.

        1. The Food Dudes catered my wedding in September of 2010. It was a cocktail reception at The Design Exchange. The Food Dudes did an unbelievable job. The food was outstanding. They did a combination of pass-around apps, a pasta bar and a mixed salad bar. Everyone in attendance raved about the food.
          For our wedding anniversary last month and in conjunction with my wife's birthday, we hired the Food Dudes again to cater an intimate dinner party for 10 in our house. They prepared a bunch of the same food we had at our wedding and it was just as delicious. Particular highlights: French onion soup dumpling with cave gruyere cheese, Black sesame seed crusted ahi tuna spoon with mango and avocado remoulade, crisp nori, Beer and mustard seed poached jumbo shrimp with an avocado puree, 24 hour braised brisket on jalapeno corn fritter with horseradish aioli.
          On top of their amazing food, the Dudes are just the nicest and most professional people I've had to work with. I've been in the film business for over 15 years and have had just about every caterer in the city working on my shoots. The Dudes are the tops in my book.