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Oct 3, 2011 08:34 PM

Good kosher pre-theater restaurant for teenage girls who are non-adventurous eaters

I'm taking my daughter and her friend into NYC for a Broadway show. I'd like to take them out to dinner first, so can anyone recommend a kosher restaurant that is (1) not too expensive, but not a pizza or hamburger joint, and (2) suitable for two teenagers who, sadly, most likely aren't going to be willing to try foods too far outside of their comfort zone.

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    1. Shalom Bombay if you think they would want to try Indian.

      1. ClubHouse Cafe
        is on W. 46th Street in theater district across from Le Marais, a kosher steak house with the same owners.

        Milk & Honey is a dairy cafeteria restaurant is on W. 45th St but closes at 6PM on weeknights.

        Below is a pretty good list of Manhattan kosher restaurants I would stick to choosing from the places between West 35th and W. 59th if you want to have a place that is walking distance to the theatre.

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          Bear in mind that 'Great Restaurants' is advertising, with the restaurant pages designed, and paid for, by the restaurant being discussed.

          They'd probably love Clubhouse Cafe. It's strenuously aimed at providing a cooler vibe than most kosher restaurants, and the food is straightforward, with excellent fries.

          1. re: GilaB

            Agree on Clubhouse Cafe. Fairly straightforward menu and a very urban vibe. There is nothing to indicate it's a kosher restaurant other than the OU on the awning. While there are some more trendy items on the menu (duck empanadas) there are also some pretty "normal" items like burgers and fried chicken.

            1. re: ravchaz

              Club House Cafe. I wowed an unadventurous teenager there recently. The safety of the familiar menu items made her feel comfortable enough to try some things she had never had, and the atmosphere made her feel very grown-up.

              The fact that you will be a short walk from whatever show you are seeing is also a big advantage.