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Oct 3, 2011 08:21 PM

Santa Monica Pier Carousel ideas??????

Hello, Has anyone thrown a kid's birthday party @ the Carousel in SM? Any ideas on food? do we need extra vendors like face painters or balloon makers? Wasn't sure if the kids are bored with just riding the carousel. There will be more adults than kids though. It's my baby's 1 year birthday party!

Any ideas greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Haven't been to a baby's birthday, but did go to a wedding reception. They catered it themselves, and they had music. It all depends what you want. How many children are you having and what are the ages. A first birthday is really for the adults, not the baby. That's why gear it to the other kids and the adults.

    1. Been to a few parties there. People bring in their own food/caterers at their own choice. You can also pay extra to get two hour wristbands to go ride the rides on the pier. Just call the pier themselves or hit the website...its all there.: (cut and paste below).

      Birthday parties may be given for children in the Carousel Building during the hours the Carousel is open to the public. Our basic party is thirty (30) guests maximum (a total of children and parents) for $200.00. When planning your party, please be aware of the guest limit. You may double a party at a discounted fee of $320.00 (60 guests) or pay $5.00 for each additional guest over the 30 person limit.

      You may expand your rental area to include entire southwest corner, west side and part of the south side of the building for $495.00. This setup includes the southwest door as your private entrance and increases the capacity for attendance up to 90 people. It is important to remember that the public still has access to the Carousel during parties.

      Fees include unlimited free Carousel rides for guests at your party. Each guest will be issued a wristband and it may be used during the allocated party time. Once the party has been completed the wristband will not be accepted for entrance onto the Carousel. If you would like to add an additional ½ hour to your party time with advance notice and permission of Carousel Marketing Staff, they can be purchased at an additional fee of $20.00 / per half hour. This stipulation is only applicable if a vacant party time is open after your time slot. We also provide six (6) six-foot tables and thirty (30) adult-sized chairs.

      You may use simple decorations, however banners, signs and decorations may not be attached with tape, pins, tacks, etc. to any part of the interior of the building. Please do not bring balloons or soap bubbles of any kind into the Carousel Building. As the Carousel provides traditional music for our visitors, we would prefer you not to play any personal music. Prepared food and beverage may be brought into the Carousel, and served within the area designated for the party. Alcohol is not permitted at parties given while the Carousel is open to the public. No propane is allowed in the carousel building. All food carts must be approved by the Carousel Marketing Office.

      1. Friends had a wedding reception there recently. They brought in lots of food....but also hired the ice cream counter to provide malts, sundaes, and ice cream cones. They said that everyone LOVED the ice cream, and preferred that to the food they had brought in. Just a thought......

        1. Many years ago, we had a party their as part of our wedding celebration. The Del Rubio Triplets played ! (Am I dating myself??) We had a hot dog cart and a popcorn cart and a drink cart. It was very simple, not very expensive, and everyone had a blast. I think it would be a great first birthday party venue.

          1. I was looking for information about having a birthday party - my baby's first also - at the Carousel and came across your post and the responses. My baby's party isn't until January (2015) but was wondering if you in fact had your party there and if so, how it went. Hopefully you get this...
            Thank you,

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              Just as a side note - we did my son's 3rd birthday downstairs at the Aquarium and would highly recommend it. The kids had a great time, the staff was great and it was relatively inexpensive. A first birthday is probably too early but worth keeping in mind.

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                the original poster is probably 4 years old by now.

                how's the food at the aquarium or do you bring it in ????????

                1. re: kevin

                  The seafood tasted like it had been in sitting in tanks for a long time.

                  But seriously, it's bring in only. I think we did Joes pizza.

                  And I was responding to curlygirlm, not the op...