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Oct 3, 2011 07:11 PM

Dorm Survival Snacks - Ideas?

I want to make a "dorm survival food kit" for a male college student who is a vegetarian. He can't cook in his dorm room so food has to be limited to things that can be made with a "hot pot" or need no prep at all. Have candy, nuts, instant cocoa mix and plan to make cookies and a quick bread. Any ideas?

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  1. Just to start you off, I tried this bread last week and already made 3 loaves; one I shipped to my son in college and I was told it didn't last a day between him and his roommate:

    Most of the loaf gets eaten here within the first day, but any part of the loaf that strayed into the next day remained just as fresh as the first day; it's nice knowing that by the time the recipient gets it it's still very soft and moist. I added the cocoa and decreased the cinnamon by one half teaspoon and that's the way I kept making it. Imho this is a lot nicer than some of the deadly snacks some of them bring back to their dorms. I told my son next time don't tell me, I don't wanna know.

    With that same package I also sent some pears since I know those are good to ship, and nuts are a great idea too, I was glad when my son took the initiative and got some of his own before my package got there. I've also been sending homemade cookies and brownies. There's also a date and nut bar that I've made several times recommended here by another hound. I haven't sent him a batch of these yet but here's the recipe:

    Also sent a few bottles of smart water since he's active and he loves it.

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      I'm taking requests from friends and roommate and was given a heads up to make this weekend: 2 loaves of the cinnamon swirl bread, brownies (they put them in the dorm freezer), chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, chocolate caramel pecan turtles, and he wants me to make the fruit-nut bar. I have no requests for anything healthy except for the nuts and fruit/nut bar. It seems they only want baked homemade goods as most of them are on a meal plan and they can often bring cereal and/or fresh fruit back to the dorm. Just thought I'd give you some feedback on what others tastes are since I know my son doesn't eat anything from the lists below, but it helps to know what he (or 'they' as it is in my case) might like or enjoy after they've settled into a routine since you'll be relying mostly on preference.

      eta: I'd forgotten about chocolate covered cornflake mounds but not sure how well they travel. I'll try adding in next package to see. Merely combine melted semi-sweet or milk chocolate in a bowl with cornflakes and place mounds onto waxed paper for a few hours until chocolate is completely set. These 'cookies' (what they're sometimes called) stay crunchy and disappear in my home. Jacques Torres has a short video making these using a deep dark chocolate.

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        I'm adding a couple next time even though I know he gets them there.

      2. I know these are store-bought (you didn't specify home made or not) so apologies if this is not what you were looking for) - quick, portable, nonperishable - just add water to the rice and noodle bowls

        1. My son likes cereal and Nugo protein bars.

          1. Fruit (apples, pears), peanut butter, crackers, just add water rice pilaf/couscous type mixes, easy mac. A hard cheese. Also, maybe include a small cutting board, pairing knife and can opener - maybe even silverware and bowl and plate. I always thought I had those things, but they go missing with roommates and shared lounge space.

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              Puppy Chow! 1-15.6oz box Chex(any kind), 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup chocolate chips, 1/4 c. butter, 2 cup powdedred sugar; Melt chips, peanut butter and butter. Mix with Chex in large bowl until they are covered. Put sugar in large plastic bag and add Chex into bag and shake until covered.

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                I love regular puppy chow (aka muddy buddies), but I like to sub almonds for the Chex. It's a great snack, and since you have to eat it slower than regular puppy chow, slightly easier to resist gorging yourself. I imagine it would ship a little better, and vegetarians always appreciate extra protein.