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Oct 3, 2011 04:47 PM

Soaking grains

Do you soak your grains before cooking? WHich ones? Oats for oatmeal? Rice, white and brown? How long do you soak for? Is it for nutrition, taste?

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  1. I sometimes soak unpearled farro or barley so it cooks faster.

    1. Personally I soak nothing and do most of my grains in the pressure cooker. It I am making rice in my rice cooker it sometimes sits all day as it waits for a programed cook but I've never really noticed a difference between that rice and the rice that I didn't "presoak"

      1. About the only grains I soak are quinoa, bulgur wheat (no need to cook after soaking for tabbouleh but a very quick soak for cooking) and steel cut oats, which I do similar to the quick soak method for beans, bring water to a boil, add oats, cook for a minute or so, cool, place in frig and finish cooking in the morning.

        I soak quinoa and bulgur for about a half hour. Sometimes I let brown rice soak in it's cooking liquid for a half hour before cooking, if I think of it.

        1. I soak my rice before cooking, for about 20 minutes. Never used to, until my mother-in-law (who's Indian) told me I had to... I figured she would know! I've noticed that it drastically speeds up the cooking time, so that makes me happy :) I also soak quinoa.