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Oct 3, 2011 03:21 PM

Awesome salad dressing

I'm so bored with salad dressings. I'm looking for something delish. Would prefer NOT too fattening, but if the flavor is amazing, then so be it. I'm looking for a mexican caesar dressing; also, this may sound strange but i used to LOVE the salad dressings from the Taco Salad Kit from the grocery store-- they don't make this anymore i don't think. It was a salsa sour cream dressing and it was amazing. So, please tell me your favorite dressings that you buy- perhaps there's a specialty store out there i've missed that carries great dressings?

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  1. May not be "awesome", but I really like the salad dressing that Andre's makes, it's "caesar" like. They sell the bottles near the register.

    1. Not a mexican-type dressing, but the dressing that they make and sell at Polka in Eagle Rock is fantastic. It is healthy and totally delicious! Has poppy seeds.

      Also, the dressing that Marston's in Pasadena sells. Not sure if they still sell it, but it is delicious as well. Kind of like a raspberry vinaigrette.

      The Sesame Dressing at Costco is also really, really good and it doubles as a marinade for chicken and fish or can be drizzled over roasted veggies.

      Jesucita's house dressing (it is green and has cilantro in it) from Mijare's in Pasadena is wonderful. I use it for everything from putting on tacos to dipping my chips into it. Perfection!

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        excellent! i am near both Polka & Andres on a daily basis if that gives you any idea how horrid my commute is.

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          Yeah, you need some good dressing! Good luck! I added another that is from a Mexican restaurant... I think you will like it! ;-)

        2. re: WildSwede

          I buy the Marston's Pasadena dressing at Bristol Farms.

          I also love the Anchovy dressing at Musso & Frank Grills.

          Musso & Frank Grill
          6667 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028