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Oct 3, 2011 02:22 PM

Fresh Market

Is this old news on Chowhound? Fresh Market is coming to fort Lauderdale, corner of Federal and 4th Street. I can't wait.

Fresh Market
2640 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

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  1. this will definitely be a nice addition!

    wish it was a Trader Joes though.

    1. Finally!! I can't wait either, but judging from the progress on the site, I would guess it will be several more months. It's about time something "foodie" came to Fort Lauderdale!

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      1. re: gblcsw

        Also coming to the Falls in Miami.

      2. Rumor Dept...

        FM may be coming to Linton and Federal in Delray...

        "According to merchants in the mall now anchored by Carrabbas Italian Grill, Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine, Panera Bread and Seaview Optical, a complete revamp is planned with the addition of a 20,000-square-foot Fresh Market. "

        Would be nice for locals to not have to drive 10 miles down to WF on Glades...

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        1. re: CFByrne

          C I heard that a week or so ago too

          1. re: CFByrne

            Fresh Market coming to NE corner of Linton and Federal in Delray appears confirmed:


            But here's even more exciting not-quite-confirmed news...

            At the same time, there's paperwork going through city channels dealing with a possible Trader Joe's right across the street (ex-Bank of America building site).

            1. re: CFByrne

              Progress... at Linton and Federal in Delray...

                1. re: CFByrne

                  Coming Soon to Indiantown Road in Jupiter... Between this and Trader Joes in PBG, should be a good year for new food shopping!

          2. have been to this lauderdale location several times now. glad its there! really loved the BOGO pork tenderloin special last month!!

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            1. re: mattstolz

              Fresh Market is the total bomb....

              1. re: chloebell

                I disagree-
                what makes it a bomb in your opinion?

                1. re: chloebell

                  I agree - I don't find FM to be very compelling. They have some good baked goods, but generally overcharge for things like meats ("hereford" is - according to their butchers - just an in-store brand name they use, that doesn't reflect a higher quality or grade, but somehow justifies an up-charge).

                  That's not to say I don't welcome any competition in the SoFla marketplace - Publix has a near monopoly and as a result we generally overpay for groceries. I was in Canada last month and there were 8 separate chains sending weekly flyers: Grapes were $2/lb vs 4 here, corn was 4/$1 vs 2-3/$1 here... basically all meat and produce was cheaper there, despite the fact that the origin of all the products was the USA (and in many cases... Florida!). The only exception seemed to be Hagen-Daas ice cream, which we can get for $2.50 on sale and they pay $4 on sale. Other than that it is nearly a clean-sweep.

                  The problem is that FM, at least thus far, hasn't had the effect of pressuring prices downward. Rather, they see a market with premium pricing and are taking advantage of it by charging yet MORE (almost competing with whole foods prices without the organic grounds to justify it).

                  But like jpr54, I'd like to hear what items you think FM is good for, either quality or price wise.

                  1. re: non sequitur

                    I agree. For me, Fresh markets' baked goods are really the only reason to go. Well, maybe their candy selection also, but those are things I tried to stay away from! Half the produce I buy there ends up being rotten or terrible when I get home. Their fish is no better than the fish at Publix and their cooked/prepared foods can't compare to Whole Foods.

                    1. re: non sequitur

                      Its not about price, value or whatever you want to call it. Its about good food. We shop the butcher counter (along with Smitty's), the fish counter (along with Finsters) and produce. We're not into sweets and their baked good don't cut it, at least for us.

                      If you're looking for a store that will "pressuring prices downward" perhaps Aldi. I believe there's one around Broward somewhere.

                      1. re: Ray2

                        There is an Aldi way south in Miami, but I find it punishing at best. It reminds me of East Berlin. The Fresh Market, though expensive or perhaps as said here repeatedly, overpriced, does offer a clean, aesthetic experience. If not used for its staples, but for specialty items and occasional fruit and vegetables, it is enjoyable.

                        1. re: taiga

                          Would agree Taiga. Went to Aldi and generally hated the product and experience. I occasionally buy some bulk items and will go there for a great deal on turkeys for example. But for everyday consumption, no way Jose.

                          I do like Publix and Fresh Market and Sam's for bulk items. I also like Sam's for meat as we've used them for years in most (but not all) of our catering endeavors and with great success.

                          Ft. Pierce, FL

                2. We visited the new Fresh Market in Jupiter and was not impressed. Most items are over a $1 or more than Publix. I don't buy into the organic products either. $5 for a small box of grape tomatoes? $2 for cilantro? The seafood selection was so small and everything appeared dried out.

                  I don't know who laid out the products, but the bread is side by side with the house chemicals, mainly deodorizers that you can smell from the aisle. The store is small and only has a few things that most need from a grocery store visit. I don't want to visit two different places for what I need on a weekly basis. We won't be going back.

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                  1. re: freakerdude

                    I just came back from the Jupiter Fresh Market. It is a pretty store and the employees were very nice, however the prices were higher than Whole Foods and the patrons overall were rude 60 y/o +Northeasterners who made the entire shopping experience unpleasant (yes, I know, this is not the store's fault - these people are the crowd attracted to Jupiter in general).

                    I am truly looking forward to the opening of Trader Joe's in PBG and will probably shop there often when it finally opens (Trader Joe's is my standard when I'm out in CA). Until then, I prefer Fresh Market over Publix any day even if Fresh Market is a bit pricey and the other patrons have grey clouds ruminating over their heads.

                    1. re: theorganicpug

                      I am a 60+ year old former Northeastern-
                      I usually shop in the Adventura store. In the winter there are many Quebecois snowbirds.
                      Why did they make your experience unpleasant. Are you referring to the Jewish Northeasterns? Don't be prejudiced!
                      I have only good things to say about my shopping experiences at Fresh Market.
                      I also shop at Whole Foods.