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Oct 3, 2011 01:50 PM

Park Avenue - Winter Park

I'm looking for a good place to eat around Park Avenue in Winter Park. My wife and I went to 310 Park South last year and loved the area, but would like to try a new place on that strip. I see that there are many options. Are there any places worth mentioning?

310 Park South
310 Park Ave. South, Winter Park, FL 32789

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  1. I can't recommend Bosphorous highly enough. It's a Turkish restaurant, one of my wife's and my favorite places in town. Absolutely delicious food, big portions, and great service every time. We usually get the mixed appetizer platter and the lavash bread (together they make a perfect light meal for two!), and really enjoy the doner kebab and iskendur kebab entrees. I haven't even come close to trying everything there, but I have to imagine every single item on the menu is worth savoring.

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      Bosphorus is great order the appetizer sampler and mixed grille. It is the best meal in the orlando metro area. Luma is good to but a little too south beach for me. The new mexican place cocina 214 isn't bad either

    2. My vote would be for Luma. Amazing service and food. Perfect date restaurant.

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        Luma is the easy choice - while there are other options Luma is one of the best in all of Orlando

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          Luma is definitely a top choice in the area. very romantic and modern