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Apr 19, 2006 12:49 PM

Noshi Sushi for Spicy Tuna!

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Noshi Sushi at 4430 Beverly Blvd. is nothing fancy, but their spicy tuna is the best we have had anywhere! Yes, we have tried lots, but there is something special about theirs.
We also had other very good items (spciy scallops, salmon, yellow tail).
We were full, and our bill was about $20/person.
What a value!

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  1. Bumping and extremely old post to reminisce about the spicy tuna rolls at Noshi. This is one of my favorite food items of all time and I would have no problems eating it everyday for the rest of my life. I don't care that it's not classic sushi and that the overall quality of Noshi as a restaurant has declined. After having hundreds of versions of spicy tuna and none matches the unique taste of the Noshi's version.

    Noshi is sadly a treat I only get every few after previously being able to go whenever I wanted. I dream of trying to replicate it on my own since it obviously can't be found in any other restaurant. Does anyone have any idea of what the tuna is mixed with to give that creamy, umami quality? I know there is spicy mayo and sesame oil, but after that I'm clueless.

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      it's probably the use of kewpie mayo; besides the MSG it reportedly uses rice & malt vinegar instead of lemon juice and only egg yolks. if you don't have it, try adding hon-dashi granules to your mayo/masago/chili oil/red pepper sauce.

      1. re: Ponder99

        Here's a pic

        I'm curious about this. I've never heard of a spicy tuna roll that was anything special. They serve them at Sushi Wasabi here in Orange and I would trust them (get it? get it?) to make a full faith effort with it. Maybe I'll get it next time.

        I've always made spicy tuna with fish I catch by mixing mayo and sriracha, which I imagine is what every place does. If you're picking up an extra umami taste, maybe try making a sauce by using red miso and grinding hot red peppers instead of sriracha, and then mixing the miso/pepper mix with mayo (maybe the mayo ref'd below). Just an idea.

        1. re: Eater15

          siracha adds a garlic essence that doesn't work for me in this instance. chili oil & red pepper along with the minced green onion are a better balance IMO.

        2. re: Ponder99

          I agree. I rarely crave spicy tuna anywhere, and Noshi certainly cannot be placed high-up in the ranks of the most revered sushi bars in town. But dang it, I crave a Noshi spicy tuna hand roll with some frequency. The texture is mousse-like, and they have the flavor balanced right on the money.

          1. re: djquinnc

            i haven't eaten at noshi in about 20 years, but a texture described that way prompts me to suggest that they might use negitoro instead of maguro scraps. but i maintain that kewpie is part of the answer. even chefs like david chang (momofuku in NYC) swear by it.