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Oct 3, 2011 12:32 PM

Help with tartlets!!

I have to make several dozens of tartlets for a cocktail party. There will be three different kinds: mushroom, four-onion and tomato-gruyere. So I made three batches on the weekend to see if they are still OK the next day. While they still look and taste wonderful, I find that they are considerably more fragile the next day. They become hard to take without ending up with a big mess. I am using Tenderflake mini-tartlet crusts. I was really hoping to save some time and not have to make them the day of the party.

Any suggestion?


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  1. Can you fill the raw crusts with your fillings and freeze, then just cook the day of the party?

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    1. re: katecm

      I would have to try. I'm afraid the onions would be soggy!

    2. By "hard to take" do you mean when you pick it up it crumbles, or it's soggy?

      If it's a cocktail party, that suggests afternoon or evening, so I'd make everything the day of because I would have time.

      You don't specify if this is your party and you're making other things, or if you're just taking these to a party and this is the only thing you have to do. Please specify.

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      1. re: nemo

        I mean they crumble. It's an evening affair and I am in charge of all the food. I already have the whole menu figured out but the tartlets are stressing me out! I might have to rethink me schudule so I can make them the day of. Or make the crust myself rather than using store-bought...

      2. The only thing that I can think of is to do them ahead and re bake from frozen at the event.
        unfortunately if you want a crisp shell Tarts and Tartlettes are really a same day item.