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Oct 3, 2011 12:31 PM

Colbourne Lane

Hi, A group of four are going to Colbourne Lane on Friday night. Any recent comments or recommendations of what to order. This will be the first time going for everyone.

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  1. Whats the budget as I was there a few months ago for the Chef's tasting menu but did not have to pay...real pricey but if you are into the fancy food and molecular thing than it is the place for you.

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      I'm not sure of the budget. All I know is that reservations are at 9:00pm. I like food... have never tried molecular. Any recent reviews of Colbourne Lane?

    2. I also second the tasting menu...went a few years ago and it was absolutely fantastic. I'm not sure exactly how much it was (and the website seems to be down now for some reason), but maybe around $200 per person?

      1. You must have the cured salmon - whether you have to beg, steal or borrow to get it.

        Also - there are some pics from a recent tasting menu at the Chef's table at the end of July - look for my post 10 from the bottom.

        1. I'm not an expert of molecular gastronomy but the tasting menu with wine was mind blasting.

          Claudio was present at our last meal (unfortunately a Chef's absence seems to be a tolerated situation) and it was truly excellent. However, there may be little group conversation as your brains try to figure out what your tongues are tasting (unless you count Mmms, Urrrs, and Ohhhs). Enjoy.

          1. the food was definitely entertaining. different textures, foams, frozen beads, etc. if you like places with simple presentation that lets the freshness and flavour of high quality ingredients shine through - it's not for you. (not saying the ingredients were not good.)

            at the end of the tasting menu, i had the definite feeling that i could go quite a while before returning for another meal. at the time, i thought maybe i'd have the urge in a year or so. it's been over two years.

            we spent more time talking about the actual food during the meal. every dinner conversation has a mix of topics, including the food being served, but because of its novelty (to us at least), the food imposed itself a little more on our conversation.

            one warning: they played hard rock during the whole meal at a volume that forced us to raise our voices. when we commented to the server, the response was 'they like it that way here".

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              Had one of worst eating experiences there EVER, sadly. We had the uber pricey tasting menu with wine pairings and courses were so small i actually left hungry. But that's not why i disliked it. I went down to use the washroom, down a very darkly lit set of stairs. When i got to the bottom i slipped....on vomit, YES, vomit. not only did the restaurant offer no compensation, for a cleaning bill, the meal, anything, the waiter went so far to say something along the lines of "OMG I heard you fell in puke?" No apology, just an "ew". i followed up with the manager the next day who said, well, next time you're in let me know and I'll buy you a drink.

              Colborne Lane
              45 Colborne Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1P8, CA

              1. re: eatermama

                Haven't heard much mentioned about this place recently. I was thinking of going out for a special night - is Colborne Lane still worth the price of admission?

                1. re: DDD

                  I was there less than a year ago and was supremely disappointed for the price. I think I wrote a review on another thread but on the point about beets, as I recall there were at least 3 courses that involved beets, including my dessert. They seem to have a thing about beets there!