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Oct 3, 2011 12:09 PM

Favorite "non-pro" gas range

We are going gas!!

This will be our first time cooking with it and we are super excited, nervous and a bit scared since it's very unfamiliar to us. We went to our local higher end appliance store this weekend and after he directed me towards the shiny, 30inch Viking ($3999.99), he also told me if you want non-pro your best bet it KitchenAid. Yes/No?? I have no idea. The two choices I've narrowed down are:

1, The double oven one (KDRS505XSS). Has a gas cooktop with the highest BTU being 16K and two electric ovens with the bottom one being convection.
2, The single oven (all gas - I believe) (KGRS308XSS). The gas cooktop has one burner at 18K BTU. Oven is convection.

So, a few questions:
1, What's a good high burner BTU. I've seen a few at 15K - 18K. Is 15K enough or only OK?
2, anyone have/had a duel range oven before? What's it like lifting a turkey from that bottom baby. Not like I cook turkey a lot but, some day it'll be my job for family functions. Do you love the little top one for everyday cooking?
3, Are gas ranges known to require more servicing? We always had electric and I've never owned a range long enough to need to repair. Longest we've gone is 5 yrs and then we've moved and left the appliances behind. Growing up, I've never seen my mom replace her oven but this was the 80s where those puppies seemed to never die.

So these Kitchenaids aren't cheap and we are in Canada (which is known to have more expensive pricing on pretty much everything than the U.S) so, we are looking at forking over just above $2K for either of these ranges. Anyone have some insight for me on these or other brands? The
saleman told me to stay away from GE and that they were on sale for a reason (whatever that means) I've also had an aunt who's GE range gas door exploded on them when they were out of the house (thank god) and had big problems getting GE to admit there was a problem with their product. Makes me a little leary about their customer service.

I've also done extensive research on Bluestar b/c was selling them (currently out of stock) and their pricing is right on with these kitchenaid's and I love the industrial look of them. Talked to Costco and they are bringing the 36inch back Oct 12 but, unsure of the 30inch.

We are the market for a 30inch. Thoughts?

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  1. I'd say look at Dacor.

    And congratulations on making the decision.

    1. Dacor is an excellent brand. I think that the KitchenAid Architect II Series is a great product line. You could always get a range top and a wall oven or two. That's usually a combo that works for the avid home cook.

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        I should have been a little more clear on my original post. We can't remodel the kitchen for a while so to make up for that (new house) I'm giving my self a treat, so to speak :-). The spot fits a 30inch much as I'd love a double wall oven, that won't happen for some time.

      2. My personal experience with Dacor was horrendous. I had the DF range and a discovery wall oven, neither of which they could get to work. The customer service from the corporate office was abysmal. This was a few years ago so maybe they have improved. They did eventually buy my appliances back.

        1. I think I'm gonna hold out for the Bluestar. I've done a insane amount of research on so many different ranges and I keep coming about to this one. Not to mention I've been hounding Costco, weekly, to see if they are bringing the 30inch back. I've also hinted to hubby if he'd be willing to reconfig a third of the kitchen to fit the 36 inch.

          Kitchenaid seems to have huge problems not to mention horrible customer services. I think we need to stay as basic as possible. No fancy oven buttons. Just one knob and perhaps a switch for the light/convection.