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Oct 3, 2011 10:53 AM

ISO juicy, tasty chicken in the city?

What are your favourite juicy, tasty chicken dishes in the city?

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  1. hainan chicken rice @ gourmet garden
    白切雞 @ maple yip
    soy sauce chicken @ john's
    jerk chicken @ rap's
    fried chicken @ stockyards
    fried chicken @ popeyes

    I feel like chicken tonight, chicken tonight.

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    1. re: aser

      Thanks, aser.

      Could you transliterate the dish you like at Maple Yip? The characters aren't showing up on my screen.

      1. re: prima

        Second the stockyards fried chicken. Also, I haven't had it recently but the fried chicken at Harlem was very good a couple years ago. Really nice sweet and spicy habanero drizzle on it.

        1. re: jamesm

          Harlem was a disappointment for me (had it as brunch on a Saturday). It was quite fatty, though fried nice, but the chicken itself was quite yucky... small pieces too, which were mostly fat.

        2. re: prima

          literal translation is white cut chicken, it's generally free-run.

          the chicken satay skewers at gourmet garden are awesome too, forgot those.

        3. re: aser

          Have you tried the hainan chicken rice at this new singaporian place in pacific mall? One reviewer on RFD says it is very very good...

          1. re: szw

            Sorry to be picky, szw. The 'very, very good' comment by the reviewer. Was it for all 'THREE' components? ie the chicken, the rice and the sauce/condiments?!! Due to cost consideration, I usually find the chicken used to be the 'tasteless, mushy, hormones/steroid' varietal. Very rare to find tasty free-range chicken being used?!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              The reviewer liked all but its a non-foodie forum so its best to try yourself. I haven't been but I will try it someday soon.

              I don't want to copy and paste their review so I will leave a link to read for yourself.

          2. re: aser

            Hi aser! Just like to chip in my two cents worth:
            In addition to the Maple Yip's version, you should give the one at Judy's Cuisine a try. IMO, taste better since its a version of ' Concubine chicken' poached in seasoned stock.
            Now that the 'Rose essence top soya free-range chicken' from Scarborough's Fantasy Eatery is no longer available, the next best thing is the version from Richmond Hill's Emperor. ( Had that yesterday, ordered in advance, see photo ). The John's B-B-Q soya chicken you eluded to, is it the 'over-the counter' version or the special advance order free-range version?

            1. re: Charles Yu

              haha, is it this one?
              i realize it automatically comes up as a restaurant now .. !

              in reply to aser's above comment...

            2. re: aser

              Gourmet Garden -- where's that?

              Gourmet Garden Restaurant
              4465 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S, CA

            3. Fried chicken @ Ding Tai Fung
              Any chicken @ Churrasqueira Estrela
              Teriyaki Chicken/Katsu Chicken @ Sushi on Bloor
              Chicken baguette @ Ginger (Church & Wellesley)
              Chicken skewers @ Mashu Mashu
              Dark chicken skewers @ Me Va Me
              Chicken Schnitzel @ Europe Bar & Restaurant

              1. More to follow, but,...

                Fried chicken at Hadleys
                Smoked chicken at Hadleys
                Smoked thighs at Barque
                Chicken fingers at Bellas - SLM downstairs
                Churrasco Sandwiches at SLM upstairs
                Kebabs at Pamier Kabob
                Soy Chicken from Goldstone
                Fried chicken at Drake
                Fried chicken at Churchs...for that matter

                1. Chicken breast or skewers both at Astoria....and they also have the very best tzatziki in the city.

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                  1. re: justsayn

                    I'm also partial to the piri-piri chicken at the above-mentioned Churrasqueira Estrela, on Keele St. south of Lawrence Ave. The tastiest Portuguese-style chicken I've experienced in Toronto.
                    The fried chicken at Stockyards, also mentioned above, is killer, though it'll send your cholesterol count skywards. Which is why I partake only about twice a year.
                    The Korean-style chicken at Home of Hot Taste (or House of Hot taste, I can never remember the precise name) in an all-Asian mall just off Yonge St. north of Steeles Ave. is also pretty good. A fun place, even if you're not Korean - though it helps if you are. The fun may have something to do with the cheap beer prices.
                    If we can extend chicken to include other fowl as well, I like the Cornish hen main dish ($25) at Paese on Bathurst St. I've probably ordered it dozens of times over the years. Hard to resist.

                  2. Jerk chicken dinner or roti is always great at Island Foods - King/Dufferin location anyway.
                    Chicken sandwich at California - I have been getting it "naked" and adding my own hot peppers and mustard for an awesome sandwich!