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Oct 3, 2011 10:49 AM

Martha Stewart's chocolate chip cookie icebox cake

Has anybody tried this? I'm thinking of making it for my husband's birthday, but her recipes often wind up fussier than they're worth.

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  1. Another gal on the HC Board is asking about the chocolate wafer cake for her birthday and now I'm reading your post for a cc version. Must be icebox cake season!

    The only comment I have on this one is be sure to give the assembled cake enough time to mellow. The cc cookies need to soften in order for this version to really be enjoyable as intended. Not all cc cookies will soften in 24 hours. I'd do a test run in a small bowl and see if you like it since you're considering it for a birthday cake. Enjoy!

    1. I haven't made the cc version, but did this one and it was outstanding.
      And it was so simple. Of course, I used store bought chocolate wafer cookies.
      They are super thin though, so that's what you are looking for I believe.

      1. I've done something along those lines w/ cream cheese instead of mascarpone cheese. It's okay, like a mousse w/ a chocolate chip cookie taste. The cookies soften and are almost scoopable after sitting all night. I should say people loved it when I made it but I thought it was just okay. But, I feel the same way about the chocolate wafer cake, too.

        1. Ina Garten has a similar one that includes coffee and cocoa powder. People seem to like it:

          1. Well Martha makes her own chocolate chip cookies, so I think that does tend to make it a bit fussier to me. With Ina' Garten's recipe she uses Tate's Chocolate Chip cookies, so that makes it much more expensive. ;-)