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Oct 3, 2011 08:12 AM

Meat and fish delivery in Raleigh, NC area/

Hello -
I'd like to get a standard, upright freezer, and stock it with locally grown (hopefully economical) meat. I would alsolike to know if there is an equivalent service or fish? all i see around here is farmed salmon, tilapia, catfish, etc.. Does anyone deliver monkfish, sea bass, etc.?


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  1. The closest thing I'm aware of are a few seafood CSA's, but you pick up at a specific location.

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      Okay. Do you know how to contact them?

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            Notaslavetofashion covered them.

            Walking Fish has had limited spaces in the past. Core Sound is newer. I've heard great things about both.

            Next step - a fishing weekend on the OBX to top of the freezer?

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              That would be very cool

              It does nring to mind a question, though. Given the number of hunters in NC, I wonder why there is no way for a non-hunter to get venison or turkey? They must be shooting more than they are eating. Be kinda cool to have venison or wild turkey a few times a year.

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                Its illegal to sell meat that hasn't been inspected by the USDA. That said, I'm sure lots of hunters give or sell meat to friends and family, but the legality is what keeps it under the radar.

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                  You have to know someone. I think there are health regs. regarding the processing which make it illegal to sell by a hunter.

                  Not sure, but I think The Meat House sells farmed venison.

                  I'd love to have frequent access to venison. Wild turkey, not so much. The times I've had it you had to take so much care eating it to avoid biting down on the buckshot (iirc?).

      1. you can always visit a local fish market for locally grown and more economical choices in fish. You will have alot more variety than you can find in the grocery store and they are typically much fresher.

        Not sure about Raleigh but in the past i have ordered skate, monkfish etc. from my local Whole Foods

        1. I have the Core Sound CSA - I love their stuff. So far I've gotten shrimp, clams, softshell crab, crab cakes, mackerel, flounder, oysters, mullet and bluefish from them.

          Farmhand Foods is also doing a Meat Box CSA with delivery in Durham and Raleigh:

          1. Coon Rock farm has a meat CSA, too.

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              There is a new seafood delivery service called Dock to Door Seafood.
              You order on different days of the week for pick-ups in Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill. The quaility is great and incredibly fresh-comes right off the NC coast. I have really been impressed with all the fish I have tried.