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Oct 3, 2011 05:46 AM

Fall Picnic: Whats in Your Basket?

I am taking my husband on a fall picnic to a beautiful arboretum and botanical garden next week to enjoy the fall michigan color and want to pack a special picnic lunch for us. Seasonal ideas would be great (pumpkin, apples, squash, etc) but any ideas would be great! No restrictions the place is close to where we live and we both will try anything.

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  1. We had a lovely picnic this weekened, with just great bread, apples, a couple of cheeses and some salami. Washed down with apple cider (we brought wine, but didn't drink it). One of the most perfect picnics we've ever had.....

    1. Deli meats and cheeses from an Italian deli.
      A salad of grape tomatoes halved and mini mozzarella balls dressed in good olive oil and a splash of red wine vinegar.
      Deviled eggs
      Sour dough bread
      Brownies for dessert
      Not really in keeping with the Fall season, but good and portable.

      1. Honey crisp apples are in their short season. Peanut butter and cheese as an accompienment. Cold fried chicken screams picnic to me. And hard or soft apple cider. Can you tell I use an expandable fanny pack in lieu of a picnic hamper?

        1. Whatever you do, make sure to include some good apples and a wedge of good cheese.