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Oct 3, 2011 05:38 AM

Penzey's Palisades Mall W. Nyack Has Opened!

The Penzeys store in the Palisades Mall opened on Friday. Went yesterday, and bought a few spices. They have jars that you can sniff throughout the store. I sniffed practically every jar in the place. I bought Sweet Paprika, Garam Masala, and Vietnamese Cinnamon. Now what will I do with them? Wishing them lots of good luck in the mall.

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  1. MC, where is it located in the mall? Thanks

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    1. re: debmom

      Near Best Buy. Kind of out of the way. I hope they have a good promotional plan in place to get folks to know that they are there.

      1. re: michele cindy

        I love "pasta blend", throw it on anything Italian I cook.
        Love "old word blend", sort of a seasoned salt, better than Lawry's!
        I have "bangkok blend" b/c it smells so wonderful, used a few times on stir frys.
        "Baking blend" is great for anything I bake up with pumpkin.
        Also have some of their basics such as dill, bay leaves and others.
        You can buy small sizes of their spice blends, see whether you like it, then go back for the bigger size.
        Love this place, it is a gem. Also one in GCT in the marketplace.

        1. re: Dim Sum Diva

          Sadly, the storefront in Grand Central Market closed last week (they lost/chose not to renew their lease). I stocked up on the Greek seasoning mix, Aleppo pepper and Vietnamese cinnamon but will be visiting this store when my stock is depleted.

          1. re: ams54

            I almost bought the Aleppo pepper. What do you use it for. It smelled really nice.

            1. re: ams54

              I missed the chance to stock up as I was on travel last week followed by holiday. Super surprised to see them gone on Monday.

      2. Wow, thanks for posting this. I've always wanted to shop in a Penseys and now I can. Finally, a reason to put up with the commotion of that mall! I'm only sorry my lunch hour is already half over or else I'd jump in the car. Well, I guess I can wait for tomorrow! I want to see if they carry "Nigella seeds", which are also called "Chernushka seeds", and are different than black caraway. They are "sharper". They used to be used in rye breads, but lately all I find are with caraway seeds. So I planned on getting these seeds and trying my hand at baking rye with them, but I couldn't find these seeds. Wish me luck.

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        1. Too bad it's in the Palisades Mall. I haven't been there in years, parking was inadequate the day they opened there, the zoning folks should have never allowed the design of the place. If you go to a Mall like Garden State Plaza, you see what adequate parking really means.

          Maybe they'll open a branch in a strip center...

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          1. re: menton1

            Barbgail, if they don't have, try the King Arthur catalog, those guys have everything, as well as Bob's Red Mill (online)

            Menton, they also have a store in Norwalk, CT.

            I go to Penzey's when I visit relatives in Portland, OR, and it is in a strip mall. And my relatives always save the "buy one get one free" coupon for me that they run locally, it's like being a kid in a candy store.

            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

              Thank you, I'll first try Penzey's in the Palisades Center Mall for Chernushka seeds, and then King Arthur if they don't have it. But Michele Cindy says they had it so I might as well try this first. Plus an excuse to check out the Aleppo pepper, paprika, granulated garlic...I told my husband we're going this weekend. I know it'll be crowded so I may have to go back at lunch time one day.

              1. re: barbgail61

                Hi Barbgail61, give a call to them about the chrenushka, I am 99% sure they had this. if I'm recalling correctly It was located on the left of the store as you walk in about midway against the wall. Are those the peppery tasting seeds found on top of some rye breads? I really like them too, but never knew what they were called.

                1. re: michele cindy

                  Yes, they did have Chernushka seeds! I was lucky, my husband was going to the mall to get his hair cut, and offered to check it out. He ended up buying a small bottle of the Chernushka seeds, plus the Italian blend and the Aleppo Pepper that were mentioned here. I haven't tried any of it yet, but the Aleppo smells wonderful! Yes Michele Cindy, those are the peppery tasting black seed on top of some rye breads. My family used to call these "Newark seeds" because our cousins who lived near Newark, NJ, used to bring the rye with those seeds whenever they visited. Now, if only I knew how to bake a good rye bread! lol My plan is to buy a Rockland Bakery rye and just sprinkle on these seeds. It may not taste as good as those Newark Ryes did from my youth, but hopefully it will be close!

                  Rockland Bakery
                  94 Demarest Mill Rd W, Nanuet, NY 10954

                  1. re: barbgail61

                    Thanks for writing back. My parents grew up in Newark, and I was born there. Maybe that's why I remember them too. I love them, just never knew what they were called. If you post a request on the Homecooking board, I'm sure you would find a great easy recipe for baking your own rye bread.

                    1. re: michele cindy

                      Thanks again Michele. I will try getting a recipe for rye bread to put those seeds in. Only on the Chowhound board would people not consider me strange for searching for and finally finding specialty seeds without having had a recipe to use them in first! Anywhere else this would be thought of as unusual behavior, but not here! I feel like I've found a group of "kindred spirits"! lol. So thanks again to everyone who told me about Penzeys West Nyack store and helped me find these Chernushka seeds!

                2. re: barbgail61

                  They have it listed on their website so they should have it in the store. If not, you can always order it.


              2. re: menton1

                The quality of the spices are worth dealing with the lack of spaces. Don't go on a weekend and you'll be fine.

                1. re: michele cindy

                  Sad about the closing in GCT. Forgot to mention I also use the fajita spice blend, it's perfect.

                  1. re: michele cindy

                    There are always plenty of spaces at Palisades. Perhaps there was not when it first opened, but no such problem exists now.

                    I always park by Macys and there are tons of spaces day and night. Even the inside garage is never full.

                    Not sure what some are complaining about.

                    1. re: chloe4ever

                      I find tons of parking by the Cheesecake Factory side. Holidays can be a bit rough though.

                      1. re: michele cindy

                        Went to Penzey's today (and you're right--tons of easy parking near the Cheesecake Factory) with friends. Smaller than the Norwalk store, but easy enough to get around. The people who work there were amazingly nice, helpful and generous. As much as I don't like dealing with that mall, the store itself is easily accessible.

                2. Just wanted to add that I baked an apple pie last week, using the Penzey's Vietnamese cinnamon and I truly think it made a huge difference of the overall taste of the pie. It was delicious!