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Holsteins burgers in The Cosmopolitan

Damn good burger. Started with the fried pickle appetizer. They were delicious and came with a couple fried olives and caper berries and were served with proscuitto, and salamis on the side, a very tasty pairing. I had the Classic burger and my guest had the turkey sliders. My burger was perfectly cooked, juicy meat, good bun and toppings, an excellent burger. At $13, it's on the expensive side, but not absurd for a place on the strip, and the quality was there. I tried half of one of the turkey sliders, good meat but a little boring, could use more dressing or the cucumber slaw it was dressed with. Service was flawless, our waitress (Dani?) was friendly, answered all of our questions, kept our drinks full and was just a sweet heart. So far, Holsteins is the best burger I've found in Vegas. The room is VERY loud, both the music and the people. Don't go if you want to have an intimate conversation. You almost have to yell to the person across the table from you.

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  1. Nice to hear. Holsteins is on my list for this November. Haha, believe it or not, I love a good burger, but the fried pickles is what sealed the deal for me. Salty, fried......what else do you need?

    1. Had a milk shake, thought it was good but very expensive for the size.

      Interesting experience when I was there. Eating at counter, the guy next to me got the wrong hamburger. Manager admitted that kitchen had made a mistake, but did not offer to bring out the correct burger or give him the one he got gratis.

      1. Good burgers cooked perfectly. Also liked their shoestring fries. But the place is really loud.

        1. Holsteins and LBS @ the Red Rock are owned by the same owner. I have yet to try Holsteins but I love LBS so I'm looking forward to going to Holsteins next weekend.

          Red Rock Bar
          1729 E Charleston Blvd Ste A, Las Vegas, NV 89104

          1. I liked my shake better than the burger. Really good shakes.

            1. How does the beef patty itself compare to the grass or corn-fed beef patty at Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay? And how do their milkshakes compare?

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                I didn't try a shake. I don't care for Burger Bar at all. I Don't recall anything standing out about the patty at Burger Bar and didn't like their burger at all. Hated it and service was poor. I DO recall the patty at Holsteins having a great flavor.

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                  Thanks rednyellow. I like reading head-to-head comparisons, and this is really helpful info especially since we'll be staying at Cosmo.

                  This may be a dumb question (I'm Canadian so I've never been...) but:
                  Which is better, IN-N-OUT or Holstein?

                  Okay, never mind...just read the Holstein's menu:

                  What a great beer selection!

              2. We can add another "link" to Holsteins and LBS, literally - this take from John Curtas (http://www.eatinglv.com/2011/10/eat-t... ) showcases the burger at the Barrymore, which is brought to you by the same folks behind Holsteins. Much more quiet, and also an easy place to get in and out of.

                1. Was just there over the weekend, a great stop. Excellent burger, great O rings, really nice service and a fantastic beer selection, a gazillion of good ones on draft and a server who let us try whatever sounded interesting before diving in. All good!

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                    Good to know they offer samples of the beers because I'd never be able to decide on only one!

                  2. I went back and had the truffle lobster mac and cheese. It was good, very good. I also had the Longhorn (?) sandwich which was a burger with brisket and coleslaw. It was delish if a bit messy.
                    Again service was flawless and very friendly.

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                      Just got back from Vegas and enjoyed my meal there. The Fried Pickles......meh, I've had better. Nice crunch to it, but I was hoping for a little saltier finish. The chocolate shake was great though and probably one of the best I've had. I loved the textural touch that the Valrhona pearls added. The Gold Standard burger was cooked perfectly and was very tasty. I also loved the texture of the bun and how the sweetness of the Tomato Confit complimented the slight pepperiness of the Arugula. Overall a very well executed burger.