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Winter Squash in Slow Cooker?

Allfrog68 Oct 2, 2011 09:50 PM

I'm visiting a relative who I like to do some cooking for while I'm visiting. Usually leave a couple batches of soup. It's actually a bit warm here so rather than baking some winter squash I'm wondering if I could do them in the slow cooker. I would think I would cut the squash in half or quarters, seed it, then leave the skin. I'm making a soup so maybe add a little liquid (1-2 cups). What do you slow cooker experts think?

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  1. DonShirer RE: Allfrog68 Oct 3, 2011 07:16 PM

    If you have a microwave, that's what I use. Bake, then scoop and mix with other soup ingredients. I suppose you could use the slow cooker to continue at that point.

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