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Oct 2, 2011 09:08 PM

Avatars Punjabi Burrito in Petaluma

Recently I stopped by Avatars Punjabi Burrito for the first time with a friend who needed a late lunch. She ordered the mustard green and spinach wrap and added chicken. Natch, she offered me a taste. I was impressed that a mongrelized place that this seems to be, in the boonies even, could offer up such a delicious version of sarson ka saag. It's hard to find a version that uses mustard greens and not just spinach even in areas with denser Indian populations. The chicken was moist and juicy, and chunks of carrots and chickpeas added more texture. Nice paratha wrap, freshly griddled, that could have been flakier but it wasn't doughy. Seasoning was moderately spicy and housemade hot sauce was available, on request, for extra heat. Naturally, we asked for that too. The hot sauce was unlike any we’ve tasted, exotically complex and not only very spicy hot but warmed up to be thermally hot too. Loved the many taste dimensions in the burrito's composition.

I only had a beverage, first trying the chai. But it was watered down, maybe held on ice too long on this warm day, and I returned it. The rose lassi was just fine, not overly sweetened to let the natural tartness of the yogurt shine through.

Our waitress mentioned that the Petaluma location serves a full breakfast menu. Aram’s, the much beloved previous occupant of the space, was know for the morning meal, so Avatars has continued this tradition. A glance at the menu looked like straight up American breakfast, and I’d be interested in hearing whether anyone has tried it.

Avatars Punjabi Burrito
131 Kentucky St, Petaluma, CA 94952

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  1. Is this related to Avatar's in Sausalito? If so, not surprised it is both different and good. Does "Punjab" in the name of this and the Mill Valley location mean they are staying closer to their Indian roots? Or, are there different owners?

    2656 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

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    1. re: Thomas Nash

      It has to be. I think I've posted about Avatars in Sausalito. When my friend said Jamaican-Indian-Mexican menu, I was appalled. But the food was fantastic, especially a curry made with New Zealand lamb.

      Have meant to try the Mill Valley burrito shop ever since.

      1. re: Thomas Nash

        It's owned by the same folks who own Avatar's in Sausalito and Avatar's Punjabi Burrito in downtown Mill Valley. Other than the Petaluma breakfast, the menus are similar if not identical at the Petaluma and MV locations. The Sausalito Avatar's has a different menu, and is a sit-down restaurant with table service.

        1. re: TerriL

          I'm pleased to see something like this in MV. We'll be there over Christmas.

          1. re: c oliver

            I went to the Mill Valley location a few years ago and it was quite good. Hope you like it.

            1. re: Tripeler

              This will be our second house exchange with this family. Glad to see mentions of a few down to earth spots.

      2. I've thought about this burrito several times since trying it a few weeks ago with Melanie. If it were in my neighborhood, I would be there often. Everything about the burrito screamed fresh, and the paratha, while not perfect, was a quite good wrap for the delicious filling.

        1. The buffalo enchiladas are very good. Same owners as Sausalito and MV. They do a free Thanksgiving meal every year in honor of the founder.

          1. Day trip from S. Bay to Petaluma with lunch in mind. We strolled & perused the menus but nothing struck a chord until Avatar. I love saag so I quickly decided on the spinach, & mustard green burrito with lamb. My BH chose the chicken curry version. As we were waiting I launched a Yelp check and focused on a review bashing the chewy, stale tortilla. Uh oh...well it's not a tortilla at all but in fact a proper paratha! I thoroughly enjoyed every bite, and my husband as well who in all honesty is not a curry fan. Will keep in mind when in Sausalito, and MV as well.

            1. I went to the Mill Valley location about two years ago, and was quite impressed with how interestingly "seamless" this cuisine mashup turns out. Will try the Petaluma and Sausalito locations the next chance I get.