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Oct 2, 2011 08:52 PM

Chef Pete Vasquez

So... since Mimi's in River Ridge was sold, if you've been craving some of Chef Pete's food, now you can find it every Sunday night at Stein's Deli in the Lower Garden District (Magazine at Jackson)

Here's the Burmese menu from tonight:

Burmese Chicken-Coconut Soup
Slivered Ginger Salad
Mixed Noodle Salad
Buttered Yellow Split Pea Rice
Prawn Meatballs in Tamarind Gravy
Burmese Chicken Curry
Pork in Burmese Black Bean Sauce
Sago Pearls in Coconut Milk with Banana Jam
Sesame Semolina Pudding

We had the chicken curry, the pork curry, the mixed noodle salad, and the split pea rice. HOLY CRAP IT WAS SO GOOD. The combination of flavors, the boldness of the ingredients, the respect to the cuisine's tradition... best curry I've had in New Orleans certainly and probably among the best I've ever had. I spoke to Chef Pete and he said his plan was to do different styles of food every week. I'm so excited! And now am slightly less sad that MVB is not reopening because this way I don't have to choose.

Other pop-ups tonight: Streats McGee at Cafe Rani and the chefs of Dante's Noodles and Pie at Coulis. I also had a TSAI dinner last night at a house on Foucher. If you're vegetarian, I highly suggest getting on the TSAI train - they're gonna be doing a Taiwanese brunch in a couple weeks. I think pretty much all these pop-ups (except Chef Pete) are on Twitter/Facebook.

I've been getting some great food in some really strange places lately. The pop-up phenomenon has made it possible for chefs to really go out on a limb and have some fun. And bring some lesser known flavors into New Orleans. And for cheap!

Cafe Rani
2917 Magazine St Ste 103, New Orleans, LA 70115

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  1. re: MVB
    Company Burger is similiar. Unfortunately, no killer gelato shakes. Fry portions considerably smaller but only $2. If you are a fan of thick onion rings, theirs are good.

    Or, pick up some ground chuck/brisket combo from Rare Cuts and make these:

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    1. re: JazzyB

      Yeah, I gotta get out there and try the Company Burger. Just haven't had the chance yet...

    2. Wow! And *&!K!H$$*** that I work on Sunday nights. What time does Chef Pete start serving?

      1. I highly recommend the Slivered Ginger Salad. It was spicy, crunchy, and tart. At $5, it was also reasonably priced. I also loved the chicken curry. Given the lack of Burmese food in town, I hope Chef Pete will do this cuisine again. I think Chef Pete uses the following facebook page:

        Has anyone tried the Noodles and Pie pop-up?

        1. Happy for Chef Pete, not so much so for we who like things a tad undiscovered. News of this has broken on which means it will likely be in Lagniappe this Friday. Makes me wish I could afford to ditch working Sunday nights! BTW, he starts serving at 6:30 pm.

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          1. re: rouxdauphine

            What a nice night. I got to meet nora of noradeirdre fame at Stein's tonite for Pete's Latin-themed offerings. Had the pupusas and the duck confit with posole, basmati and black beans. Both delicious. With a few beers from Dan Stein's massive and eclectic selection, it was a wonderful meal with a lovely nora chat. Can't wait til next week's country du jour!

            1. re: sanglier

              I was there also. Sitting at the big table in front, in my Vilma jersey. Food was delicious indeed.

              1. re: N.O.Food

                Damn! I saw you! Might have known there were other "Hounders in the house that I would've liked to have met. Maybe next time...

                1. re: sanglier

                  We should do a Hound meetup- I know that other cities have done it... we could descend upon Stein's on Sunday at 6:30, meet up at one of the tables (put up a Chowhound sign or something there). That way we don't have to worry about having a headcount or making a reservation, and we could just get our food and chat! Thoughts?

                  1. re: noradeirdre

                    Stellar (oops,almost said Stella!) idea! But maybe not this Sunday, as the Saints game is a 3:15 kickoff, won't be over til right about when Pete starts firing up the pots. How'd you like your assortment of South American Pete fare?

                    1. re: noradeirdre

                      how crowded was it? i thought about going, but stein's is crowded and hard to navigate on a random day. i don't like standing in line and then having no place to sit once i get my food.

                      1. re: Hungry Celeste

                        Ok, I think I'm backtracking from my Saints/bad night to go see Pete comment. Have you guys seen the Indian menu?! How can I miss this, other than the fact that I'll eat so much spicy food that my system won't forgive me til mid-day Tuesday. Worth the suffering, looks like...

            2. Is Chef Pete's wife still about - she was the hostess/maitre d' at Marisol.

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              1. re: bronwen

                I don't know what happened to Janis, other than I read in the Times-Pic that they are divorced.

                1. re: rouxdauphine

                  They are divorced but she still does publicity for him (email blasts promoting the Stein's events).

                  1. re: sanglier

                    Any 'Hounders going tonite for Pete's Indian-themed dinner?