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Oct 2, 2011 06:27 PM

Weekend in chicago

Im going to be visiting friends in Chicago for a weekend (Friday night to Sunday night) and was hoping for some suggestions on must eat foods or must go to restaurants. I'm not a picky eater I want to make sure that I get the best out of what Chicago has to offer - from street food to fine dining, snacks and treats.

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  1. GailAnn, I know we can collectively give you direction, but Chicago is a major food mecca. It has everything from the best restaurant in the U.S. (@$450/person) to hot dog joints.

    it would be helpful to know where you will be in Chicago. The city (and suburbs) take up a huge area. Also will you be getting around by car or public transportation?
    Do you have a budget you want to stay within?
    Are you going to be eating alone or with those friends?
    Any particular cuisines you are seeking out or hoping to avoid?
    Are you looking for breakfasts and lunches or just dinners?

    It might make sense for you to begin to search and peruse this board and see what other people have requested and suggested so you can have a little more direction.

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      Hi there,
      All good questions. Im going to be staying downtown and will have access to a car. I'm interested in breakfast lunch and dinners and will likely be with my friends. My goal is not necessarily to eat at the finest establishments for all meals. I want to just get a sense of Chicago specialties so if it's a hot dog on the street that's good.

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        Why don't you try some of these rec's from local chi-hounders:

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        Enjoy et Bon Appetit