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Oct 2, 2011 06:09 PM

dining alone

I have acquired a few recommendations for dining in the Half Moon, Clifton Park, and Saratoga Springs areas. To narrow things down a bit for me, keeping in mind moderate cost places, where would be the better place(s) to look for when dining alone?

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  1. Well, this depends, do you prefer a table, or are you OK with eating a nice meal at the bar? I travel a lot for work, and when I travel I usually find a nice place (not too nice, anyway) and eat at the bar. I like to talk with the bartenders, because they usually live in the area that I'm traveling in and can usually tell me about some hidden gems.

    I have suggestions, but they will differ on where you prefer to sit when you're dining alone. Also, what types of food do you like? Is it important to have a nice wine list to accompany said meal, or are you a beer/cocktail drinker or not a drinker at all?