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Oct 2, 2011 04:24 PM

Two New N VA BBQ Restaurants Opening in September & October 2011


Since the weather is turning cooler and people are inquiring about real Southern style BBQ, I thought I would post about two new bbq restaurants opening in N VA areas. We have not been yet; but I will post details on their web sites and menu. I will also report back about our opinions of their styles.

Since we are from GA and miss Sonny's Real Pit BBQ and similar styles of southern bbq, it is hard to find quality here in N VA area. Willard's BBQ in Chantilly is about the kind of bbq to Southern style bbq that we can find.

Web sites are for new bbq restaurants now yet open-- Absolute BBQ's site/info. Rumor has it that it used to be Ben's BBQ in Manassas, VA and that Ben is reopening same menu, etc. under new business name. Opened in September, I believe, just on Fridays to Sundays. Bad to the Bone Smokehouse BBQ's site/info. Located in Gainesville, VA where the Wegman's store is located. Located in strip mall opposite where new Dick's Sporting Goods was recently built. Opens in October 2011.



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  1. re absolute bbq….sounds like yelp people think the owner is ben. that website is almost useless. they do have a FB page.

    i'm anxious to try both places.

    i'm from florida…and i loved sonny's too! are either of these like sonny's?

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      Yes, Bad to the Bone is similar to Sonny's BBQ based out of FL and SE States (i.e. GA, NC, SC). We liked Bad to the Bone better. They have a whiskey bourbon bbq sauce and original tomato based sauce too.

      A local lady makes their pies from Warrenton area. Absolute BBQ has received bad reviews on other boards that I frequent.