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Oct 2, 2011 02:56 PM

White Castle 4th. Ave. Brooklyn

I noticed on Google maps that there's a WC near my hotel. I've never tried it but they're well known in pop culture (at least to the Beastie Boys). Worth a visit? On a trip to SF a couple of years ago I tried the legendary In N Out, I loved it. Do the two compare?

White Castle
850 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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  1. I've been eating White Castle my entire life and I had In-N-Out for the first time a month or so ago. From a quality standpoint, they're absolutely not comparable; In-N-Out is light years ahead. From an addictiveness standpoint, I'd give the edge to White Castle but it's close. From a drunk food standpoint, White Castle wins hands down. It's worth a shot just to get the experience given the price and accessibility for you. My advice would be to order 1 or 2 burgers, and if you like it then go from there.

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      Totally agree. Comparing White Castle to In-N-Out is like comparing apples and oranges. But if you've never been to a White Castle, you should definitely try it once. Unfortunately, it's been my experience that the NYC branches aren't as good as the ones I've been to in the midwest. But since the one on 4th will be so near to you, I would definitely go and order a burger or two. And maybe imbibe a legal or semi-legal mind-altering substance before eating them, preferably while watching "harold and kumar go to white castle."

    2. I like White Castle sliders. I have always said they are outside of the hamburger realm. There are hamburgers and there is White Castle. An entity unto themselves.
      Especially good at 3 AM when you are 21 y/o and get the munchies. I am very familiar with the 4th Ave Castle!
      And that's all I am gioing to say about that.

      1. I love White Castle, but it's probably more of a sentimental thing. I think you owe it to yourself to stop by. It's really a unique taste. You really can't compare it to In n Out at all. I'd just keep it more of a snack-sized meal (1-2 White Castles is probably enough) so you can fit some other yummy things on your visit. Skip the fries, onion rings, etc. So not worth it.

        I understand where you're coming from. On my last New Orleans trip, I did fit in a snack at Krystal's. Mighty difficult with all of the oysters, beignets, Cajun and Creole food I was stuffing in me. But the curiosity got the better of me. And I've got to say that White Castle is better. : )

        1. Thanks guys. From what I've read here and talking to a couple of American co-workers today, the consensus seems to be that it's good if you're drunk/high but not much beyond that. Still, if I feel like a snack, I just may go for it.

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            It's like NASCAR, you gotta try it once.

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              They're worth eating when you're sober. I agree with Razeup. Order a couple and if you like them, order some more.

            2. Woo. This WC has been a beacon of sorts along a busy, noisy, and totally untouristed stretch of 4th Ave wedged between Green-Wood Cemetery and the Gowanus Xpwy. Go if you must, only for the color and experience. BTW, there's another WC not too faraway into Bklyn on Fort Hamilton Pkwy, where no one will find you. Where's your hotel?