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Oct 2, 2011 02:51 PM

2 new restaurants opened this summer in Prairie Village shops

They are called Tavern in the Village and another, more upscale one, called Story. Can someone fill me in on their experiences at either of these restaurants? Thanks!

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  1. We've been to both,,, once to Story, a few times to Tavern, I wish we could afford to eat at Story more often, because it was delicious, and it's been a while since a restaurant has impressed me as much as it did. I need to try to make it there for lunch, especially on a Friday since they have $15 prix-fixe 3-courses. They also have $10 select entrees on Sunday evenings, I believe. Anyway, my favorite thing we had was an appetizer of very, very, very finely diced beef carpaccio wrapped in thinly sliced potatoes... I think I've dreamt about that carpaccio! The cocktails were also very inspiring as well... I had a pineapple basil mojito that was fantastic and really vibrant. Tavern is just okay... it's decent food and it's better than Blue Moose and nice to have another option in the Village, but nothing to write home about. Some things are better than others. The one thing that we really liked was a Butterfinger cheesecake.

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      Thanks, Katie Nell! I had no idea Story did a prix-fixe lunch on fridays....I'll go then!

    2. I second the rec of Story, haven't been to Tavern yet. Both times I've eaten at Story, lunch and brunch, were excellent. Great attention to detail in that kitchen, hard to find and appreciated.

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        I've been back for the $15 prix fixe lunch since then, and it was excellent- both food and value! Service was so-so, but I think the waiter also had a friend that was eating at the same time as us, so I think they were being a little chatty. Luckily, it was my day off so not a big deal! Delicious, delicious beef cheek ravioli with oyster mushrooms! Very generous portions, which isn't uber important to me, but still appreciated considering the reasonable cost.

      2. We went to Story for brunch. I give the ambiance an A, service an A- and the food a solid B. I had the duck empanadas - yum yum. The donuts were good, but I would skip next time. I thought the brunch was very reasonable cost and portion-wise. Shrimp and Grits were fairly good... but not a favorite.
        Would go back for lunch or dinner /drinks. It is soooo pretty inside!