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Oct 2, 2011 02:45 PM

Lousy Experience at Home Wine Kitchen, St. Louis

Awful food. Pretentious service.

Our disappointment stemmed from two major sources: the service and the quality of food. I'm usually willing to be understanding if one of those two categories is good. Neither was in this case.

First the service:
- when we sat down, we noticed that our table was wobbly. We asked the server to fix it and, after trying to balance it out unsuccessfully for a few minutes she said she'd fix it "later tonight or tomorrow morning" . We spent the rest of the evening taking turns while using our knives so that one of us could hold the table while the other cut. Even with this arrangements we made sure not to fill our wine glasses too high in order to avoid spillage.
- finally, when our desserts came (we ordered two of the same dessert) we all four agreed that a scoop of ice cream would have made it much better (details below). The server said that someone else had asked and the chef "refused to allow it" - something about compromising the flavors. Frankly, that's obnoxious to imply that we aren't capable of making decisions when paying $200 for a nice dinner. If someone wants ketchup with a perfectly-cooked steak- I may not agree, but as a paying customer I wouldn't hesitate to accommodate. If the truth was that there was no ice cream available, we would have been far more understanding. As it turned out, we barely ate half of the desserts that were served.

- the seafood "croquette" were appallingly dry. I have never had such a dry croquette in all my life. I had to pick out the pieces of seafood and leave the stale-tasting flavorless biscuity hockey puck uneaten. (Remember, at most restaurants in your price range, that would have been noticed and addressed).
- the chicken was dry
- the porkchop was dry and wasn't helped by the dry breakfast potatoes. There was like a tablespoon of some delicious condiment, but I hardly noticed it bc it was buried beneath a mountain of dry diner potatoes.
- finally, the apple dessert was almost inedible. We were debating whether the way the apples were cooked made them taste more like onions or mushrooms. It was so savory and salty it should have been an appetizer. (As an aside, we didn't order the butterscotch pudding because the people next to us were complaining about how awful it was and barely touched it).

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  1. Did anyone come by and inquire as to how the evening was going?

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      Hmm, I am sorry to hear this. Along with Salt, this is toward the top of my "to try" list, esp. based on the good press it has gotten otherwise. I like the menu and the Monday "no menu" idea.

    2. I had read so many good reviews and comments, I had to visit the restaurant. I also felt disappointed with the quality of the food and the price charged. While the service was good, we felt the food was not up to the reviews.

      1. Had a very nice lunch with very nice service at HWK last week

        1. Hey, cheesenose, what happened about them checking on you? Did they?