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Oct 2, 2011 02:10 PM

Bombay Poori - Another decent place 'bite the dust'!!

I can still remember the time I spend posting a few positive review on this Richmond Hill Indian restaurant. Commenting how glad I was to be able to find a decent Indian place in this 'curry wasteland'!
Now, with the blink of an eye, they have boarded up and close?!! Its incredible how quickly things change in the GTA dining scene!! Sigh!! :(

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  1. The place was just too empty each time I went, they obviously were not making enough to keep it open. That's too bad, as it was a decent place to eat.

    1. RIP. I tried it back in July on our way home from up north, precisely because of your recommendation. They had a good Mint Paneer Tikka with huge portions. Absolutely delicious. However, asides from a couple take-out orders, there was only one other couple dining on a Sunday night at 6-7pm. Sad to see them go, even if they are not close by.

      1. I wish I'd read this before making the long, cold, trek by bus up there yesterday. I had talked about the food there to my roommate and were disappointed it had closed down.

        Anyone know whether they've relocated (there was no actual signage to say they had closed down) or any recommendations for Indian food preferably in the Thornhill/Vaughan area (we don't drive, we are limited to what is near bus stops and even more so the buses that aren't on strike)...

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          I am curious to this answer as well. Khana Khazana and Nawab are now closed. All i know is Indian Kitchen at Yonge/Clark but haven't tried it.

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            I am sure that Bombay Poori has closed, not relocated. The website is still up (as of last week) but the voice mail is full and an email to them bounced back.