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Oct 2, 2011 01:09 PM

Velati's Caramels

How are they?

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  1. May I ask where you found them? They were my mother's favorites 40 years ago and we lost track of them when they left Woodies. I heard the family had set up shop on the Eastern shore at some point but haven't seen them available again locally. No way to know if it is the same anymore except to try.

    Please let me know - that would be a great surprise for her.

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    1. re: Terrie H.

      Velatis has a beautiful store at 8408B Georgia Avenue (301-578-8612) and also sell at the Bethesda Farm Womens Market on Wednesday and, I believe, Saturday. They have a web site - just type Velatis on your browser and you will find it. It's not the same family but the same caramels - or better! Have fun!

      1. re: Terrie H.

        Terrie - they also have a booth at the Christmas Craft Show over Thanksgiving weekend at the Frederick Fairgrounds. Or at least they did last year.

        1. re: ivysmom

          In the past, I know I've also seen Velatis at the Sugarloaf Craft Fair. Looking at the list of exhibitors for the October fair (Gaithersburg), Velatis won't be participating although the excellent maple syrup from Bershire Sweet Gold Maple will be there. Ditto for the November fair (Gaithersburg). That date adds a couple of food exhibitors.

          The early December show (Chantilly) has the largest number of food exhibitors including two particular favorites: Toffee House and Olevano Olive Oil. Still no Valentis.

          The Sugarland Craft show web site is easy to use with a complete list of exhibitors by category. Food vendors are found alphabetically under "s" -- Specialty Food.

            1. re: SimonF

              Sorry! We all highjacked your post.

              Yes, they are good. A quality version of a very traditional product. Nothing trendy like the chocolate-robed caramels sprinkled with sea salt that's experiencing a wave of popularity. Just old-fashioned goodness.