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Pho - Danforth and Jones

Noticed the sign over the weekend. I believe it was simply called Pho. Is this a chain? Anyone know? Very excited about this place. Something healthy to eat close to home.

It looks like they have a lot to do before they are ready to open but I have high hopes for this place. The outside is looking really nice - they are actually investing in the place rather than putting up some cheap signage.

Can't wait!!!

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  1. Where at Danforth and Jones exactly? I walk the area every day - can't believe I haven't noticed this exciting development!

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      I believe a few doors from Magic Oven. I think it used to be a sports bar but not sure.
      Yes very exciting indeed.

    2. It is called i Pho, nothing much online about it. I am excited for it to open. It is beside The Burrito House. 816 Danforth Ave 647-350-ipho (4746)

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        I wonder what sort of apps will they have available. Someone should open iPho5 next door.

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            Anyone know when they are opening?

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              Yeah, hurry up already. I think the furniture is now in.

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            Finally got to drop by this place. I had pho and chicken wings last night. The pho was awesome, the chicken wings were ok, I'm not a fan of breaded wings. I went back today with a friend for lunch and just stuck with the pho. It was awesome again!

          3. anyone know what is going on with this? still not open!! Me need some Pho!

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              I know, I've been wondering the same thing. Geez hurry up already will ya!!!!

            2. I'm kind of thinking that they ran out of money............ It's very strange, there is never anyone in there and the furniture is all piled at the back of the restaurant. The rent can't be cheap, they have been in there since Sept I think.......

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                You know I never considered that but you could be on to something. It is very strange.

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                  Looked open to me last night when I walked past on the way to DPH?

              2. Really? That would make my day. Will try to check it out in the next day or so.......

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                  I'll try to check it out at lunch, if I have time

                2. Moving into this neighbourhood I felt there were a few missing things. Dim Sum (check), Vietnamese (hoping) and take out Indian. I have yet to find a good Indian take out / delivery. If anyone has any recommendations........

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                    Did you try "Makkah" for Indian? It's usually good, but various items can have quite a lot of oil. That is a common issue with food from Northern India and Pakistan.

                    I have not found any other good Indian food in the area.

                  2. I havent' tried Makkah but a girlfriend was just talking about it, this is the place just east of Donlands?
                    I walked by Pho yesterday, looked a little promising. There were lights on and a few people eating at the back of the restaurant (not customers). I was going to knock on the door and ask the 411 but was in a hurry.

                    1. Walked by, late afternoon. They have a sign in the window saying they are opening on Sunday the 29, which is tomorrow. When we passed by last night, there was no such sign.

                      1. OPEN!! Cha-ching! Not sure if you can see in the pic, open sign and saw a few people inside. Will definitely check out soon.

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                          Yay!!! Finally....good work Baelsette. Tonight would be a perfect night for it too

                        2. So I couldn't resist, I got take out for lunch. Had the vermicilli with chicken. The restaurant looked nice, modern and clean. The staff were very friendly and attentive.
                          The dish was good, truthfully I'm not sure it was any better or worse than the other Pho restaurants I frequent (pho hung, ginger). I did find the noodles a bit over steamed, they were a bit too soft but no big deal. Chicken was nicely seasoned and the portion size was nice although no spring roll was included in the dish.
                          The menu is fairly small but they have the basics, looking forward to trying some pho soup next visit. I'm definitely glad to have this new addition to the neighbourhood, I hope that they do will do well!
                          Oh and for those with kids they have high chairs and boosters, a great plus!

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                            you went to a place called i Pho and didn't get pho????


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                              We went for dinner last night. In addition to having 3 high chairs, they were extremely welcoming to my young kids... they changed the TV to treehouse (but no volume so it wasn't disturbing anyone), they have special cute dishware and cutlery for kids, and a little treat of fruit jellies at the end of the meal. So basically, I loved the place before we even got our food :)

                              The menu is small but covers all the basics - pho, rice plates, vermicelli, plus beef stew and spicy hue soup. Limited selection of drinks but it includes shakes. Instead of tea they brought lemon water to the table to start (I imagine you could get tea if you asked). We ordered spring rolls and they brought free fried dumplings. These were just out of the fryer, crisp and tasty. I had the Hue-style spicy soup which I have never tried before so I can't compare it to anything. I enjoyed it. Not THE most flavourful soup broth but also not laden with MSG. We got the two apps (one free), a shake and 3 mains for $32+ tip.

                              The decor is really nice, a step above the IKEA-quality I was expecting from your typical new school casual Asian place. Bathrooms are not accessible but they are on the main floor... something I find really helpful with young kids.

                              They are VERY eager to please and said they are still expanding the menu and open to suggestions. When the weather gets warmed I will definitely suggest they add some soda-based drinks (I love the Viet limeade in particular).

                              I don't think this will be a destination place based on the food but more of a local spot... it's not hard to be the best Viet place on the Danforth!

                            2. Never said I was that bright! :-)

                              1. So NO ONE has tried the Pho yet?!

                                1. Hi Pho at Danforth and Jones is now open. Haven't been yet but can see the lights on and the open sign up.

                                  1. A pho place within walking distance from my house - I couldn't wait for this place to open! I got my first taste tonight at dinner when I ordered the rare beef pho and my husband had the vermicelli witih chicken.

                                    The restaurant is clean and bright, and they have clearly tried to make this place and the menu appeal to westerners. I would eat in a hole in the wall if the pho was good, so this stuff didn't matter to me. On to the food...

                                    The pho broth was decent, not too oily, but the flavour seemed muted, which I found out was true after talking to the staff. In trying to appeal to western palettes, they take the traditional Vietnamese pho broth they make and then dilute it with beef broth. I think they would do better to keep it authentic, but maybe Danforth isn't ready for that. The good news is the waiter said they'll serve me the undiluted, traditional Vietnamese pho broth next time, I can just ask for it. So you might want to ask for this if you are a regular pho-goer. One plus for them is that they use fresh noodles, not dry noodles.

                                    My husband found the vermicelli with chicken okay - chicken was decent, lots of noodles, but not too many veggies.

                                    Bottom line on the pho, I'm going to have to give it a second try, and I will definitely ask for the traditional broth. Overall I think it's good enough to be a regular neighbourhood joint, and helps fill the void of decent Asian food on the Danforth. They seem eager to please and nice, so go check it out.

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                                      Tried it the other day. The owners are incredibly sweet and were very eager to please. They said they are expanding their menu over the coming weeks. I had a vegetarian pho, so I can't speak for the beef broth, but I did find it a little bland -- could have used even just a bit more salt. Still, it was full of lovely vegetables, came with all the traditional accompaniments, and it was nice to be able to grab a hot bowl of soup nearby. I will let them work out their kinks and return in the near future.

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                                        We enjoyed a weekday dinner there a few nights back and will definitely return.

                                        We tried the beef pho, beef dumplings and spring rolls to start.

                                        Never had pho before so I don't have a lot to go on but we really enjoyed it. The broth was perfectly seasoned for our taste although I did add some hot sauce to it.

                                        They did a great job with the decor. It is warm and inviting and the owners are as someone said above, lovely people. I love that they've moved to the area and want to make this their home in every way. They were so welcoming to us. They are eager to put a water bowl outside for all the canine neighbours come spring. So sweet.

                                        I felt like I was actually eating something healthy for a change. And so reasonably priced too!!
                                        The new dim sum spot is quite tasty but afterwards I feel terrible. It's so greasy.

                                        Happy to have them in our 'nabe.

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                                          What greens did you get with yoor Pho? I only ask because Little Coxwell (on Coxwell, just south of O'Conner) has the distnction of adding tasty sawtooth cilantro as well as the usual basil, lime chunks, hot pepper amd bean sprouts. We're gettin' GOURMET in our Pho tastes these days!

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                                            Millygirl - don't talk to me about HarGow - I had the worst MSG attacks of my life after eating one of their main dishes. They need to dial it back on that stuff. Buyer's remorse and all that.

                                      2. Just to remind people of this hard-working little place:
                                        They've added a bubble tea menu, along with delicious iced tea and limeade (it wasn't what I was expecting, being flat rather than made with soda, but delicious none the less). When I got the iced tea last spring it was unsweeteed and came with add-your-own simple syrup. Perfect for me, I like it just a little sweet.
                                        Last night they were taking photos of a banh mi. I asked if they were adding it to the menu and he said maybe. So if you're a customer, please I beg you, go in and ask for banh mi :) Wouldn't a soup and sandwich combo be great?
                                        I finally tried the pho and it hit the spot last night. I think this will be a winter local go-to place for the warming soups.

                                        1. Totally agree, think I will be hitting there this weekend, with this weather I could go for some warming soup!

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                                            The beef stew and hue soup ( which does have lots of mystery ingredients) are both good too. The beef stew can be had with noodles, rice or soft baguette - the latter is nice if you're in the mood for something more continental.
                                            Any menu favourites?

                                          2. looks like it's closed, sign on door stating " temporarily closed".... Not the best Vietnamese I've had but definitely was good when a craving hit. Really too bad.

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                                              Boo :( Tried to go last week and saw that sign, was hoping it was truly temporary.
                                              I'm on the same page as you, not the best but not bad, comfortable space and nice
                                              people. Last summer I noticed their AC wasn't very cool, which is something I think Toronto restaurants could work on. When it's hot like this one of the reasons I eat out is to cool down! Same thing at the Works last night, cooler than outside but not truly cool. The Works being where we ended up because ipho was closed.

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                                                Just saw the signs on the windows and it says that a Japanese Izakaya will be opening soon, I think it's called Nakayoshi or something like that.

                                              2. Had a really mediocre bowl of noodle soup there in the winter. I remember the first time going there (shortly after this thread was posted) it was really good for the area. Not a prime pho destination, but easier than heading out to Ossington and Queen.