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Oct 2, 2011 12:04 PM

Ranges that offer both gas and electric ovens

Howdy folks,

I would like to know if anyone makes a range that offers both a gas and electric oven in the same range. I believe that La Canche and La Cornue do, but is their anyone else?

Alternatively, who makes both quality gas and electric built-in ovens to complement their range tops? I really like both--one for roasting, the other for baking.


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  1. If you are looking at custom French ranges and care more about performance than impressing the folks at the Country Club I would seriously consider Molteni. They have been the go to brand for professional chef's in France for a while and have in the last few years pushed into residential ranges.They will custom build you anything you want,powerfull open burners,french tops, top notch electric and gas ovens. Drop dead gorgeous and built like tanks althought the Molteni brand equity is not as great in the States as other French ranges.

    If you are looking at wall ovens,rangetops,and pro-style gas ranges in the more popularly priced section of the high end appliance store then I would look at Capital,Bluestar,Wolf and Gaggenau.

    For AG ranges/rangetops my number one would be Capital Culinarian and number two Bluestar RNB.Electric wall ovens Gaggenau number one and Wolf number two. I have a 24" Gaggenau wall oven and will be probably be getting a Capital Culinarian 36" range.IF not then Bluestar RNB range. Powerfull open burners, and very good if not the best gas oven. Culinarian offers top notch quality while the Bluestar,IMO,is a rung below.

    Buying a gas range/rangetop,electric and/or gas wall oven,and trying to get them all from a single company is a bit silly to me. Get the best or best value for each product you are looking at.I don't see the need to purchase a suite of appliances from the same company.

    A good place to do research is

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    1. re: DeeAgeaux

      Yeah, I don't mind mixing-and-matching. Why would I want a Molteni over a La Canche?

      1. re: catdoc46

        1) The burners. La Canche,like many companies,offers an 18k,15k,and 11kbtu burner.
        Molteni offers a power burner at 32Kbtu and low power burner at 19Kbtu. The low power
        burner may seem like alot but it can simmer ver blanc sauce without splitting. If you are
        super particular about simmering there is always the solid/french top. With the power
        burner you can do restaurant quality seering and sauteing. Many owners of lower
        powered ranges say they don't miss the power. How can you miss something you never

        2) More difficult to quantify but I prefer the Molteni electric ovens. Although I have not
        conducted scientifically valid testing, I think the heat within the cavity is more even.
        Both offer top notch gas ovens.

        3) I have asked three French chefs "if you could have any range in your home,what would it
        be?" To a man, they said Molteni. That is how I found out about these ranges and started
        asking my foodie friends if they knew anybody who had one and if they would allow me to
        cook on it.

        4) Made to measure. You can get the exact size you want. Want an induction hob?
        No problem. La Canche offers 17 colors. Molteni will make any color you want.
        Bottom lime more customizable. It should be bespoke in this price range.