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Oct 2, 2011 11:42 AM

Recommendations for Columbia, SC?

Hey 'hounds, I'm headed to Columbia, SC for two days and want to know what I can't miss, food-wise. All manner of food is loved, from greasy spoon to fussy.


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    1. Where are you staying (downtown, northeast)? Do you have access to a vehicle? Price range?

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      1. re: johnbom

        Downtown, and I have a car and no price range. Thanks!

      2. I'm a big fan of Shealy's BBQ out in Batesburg-Leesville, if you have time for the drive out there. Otherwise, Hudson's is great for bbq. I like Zesto's for good fried chicken.

        2620 College St, Newberry, SC 29108

        1. For barbecue, Little Pigs is my favorite stop in Columbia. Classic South Carolina barbecue buffet. It's a bit tucked away and hidden, but doable. Has most, if not all styles of SC barbecue, good sides and hash. Good way to soak up the state food. Not the best in the state, but maybe is for the Columbia area. Everyone has their favorites though, I guess this is mine. Shealy's is okay, but it will take you almost out of Columbia altogether. If you go there, their vinegar barbecue and fried chicken are good.

          Columbia's got a Food Truck scene coming together. 2 Fat 2 Fly and Artisan Bone-In Barbecue are two you'd definitely want to check out. 2 Fat 2 Fly's stuffed wings are pretty wild and worth it for the novelty alone. Bone-In has a creative menu of Southern food twists, lots of interesting ethnic spins. Search for their twitters to find out where they are.

          For upscale eating, Terra is a popular choice. I hear good things about Motor Supply. I'm not much of an upscale eater, so I'll leave it at that.

          Around where Terra is, there's also 116 State St., a tapas place at night and Cafe Strudel, where you can find breakfast all day long. Hangover hashbrowns are, well the name says it all. Good breakfast place in general, neat building.

          There's some German food that might intrigue you at Julia's German Stammistch. It's a quirky little restaurant that serves delicious schnitzel. Julia's still in the kitchen, quite a lady.

          Gotta throw Cola's only brewery in as well. Hunter Gatherer serves up some pretty good to sometimes great bar food and brews some good, affordable beer. Close to USC, parking is a little iffy since there's only metered parking around, but it's worth a stop. Make sure you take a look up at the wall for their specials, people miss it often.

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          1. re: ForagingFoodie

            The above are absolutely spot on recommendations (except I don't think Little Pig's is that far from downtown).

            As with everything, call to confirm hours of operation. Some of these places close for private functions on occasion, while others are closed Sunday through Tuesday (Little Pig's).

            Allow me to add a few others:

            Gervais & Vine for excellent tapas, and a pretty good wine selection by the glass. I like the fact you can get 1/2 pour.


            For Columbia's version of new southern cuisine, a perennial favorite is Mr. Friendly's.


            If you find yourself in Forest Acres, for lunch only, a local favorite worth the detour is The Other Store. It is a local convenience store with deli and seating in the back. Their signature sandwich is Spring Chicken -- very tasty. Just a few short blocks off the main drag in the middle of a neighborhood. Wednesday has a Creole special of the week (can't do spicy so I can't comment).

            The Other Store


            Gervais & Vine
            620 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201

            1. re: ForagingFoodie

              Thanks so much, FF! Really appreciate the recommendations and the detail. I'm likely going to bring a bunch to Motor Supply or Terra tonight, and then for sure we'll make the Little Pigs trek tomorrow.

              Little Pigs
              115 Bountyland Rd, Seneca, SC 29672

              1. re: kerrywa

                You've gotten some good recommendations, here. One tip: a bunch of the food trucks (including the Bone-In Artisan BBQ truck) will be convening for a "food truck food court" at the Adluh Flour Mill downtown this Friday for lunch.

              2. re: ForagingFoodie

                This is all good advice from Foraging Foodie.
                I'd also suggest Edna's, which is Columbia's perfect, dumpy, old fashioned hot dog and hamburger stand.