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Oct 2, 2011 09:58 AM

Where to Eat

It's time for the annual "girl cousin's reuniion". I'll pick up my sister at Hobby then trek on down
to Galveston to meet up with the others. Where should we stop for lunch on a Thursday,? We
eat everything so just want something really good. No Chains,,,no franchises. I read about a place in Seadrift, but can't find the post now. DobieWah, Bournie, James C, you have never
given me a bad rec so let me know what you are liking in that area now. Don't care about $$
('tho DH wishes I did) and don't really care what kind of food. As I said, we like everything, especially Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Tex-Mex.

When in G., we'll mainly be cooking in the rental house, but would like recs for one dinner
out. Is there anything better than Paco & Rudy's (or Rudy & Paco's, I can never remember
which name comes first) ? Don't want to do a steak house and the last time we ate at
Gaido's it was a bust.

Thanks for any and all info.

Rudy & Paco's
2028 Postoffice Street, Galveston, TX 77550

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  1. Seadrift is several hours from here, maybe you meant Seabrook? There are tons of places from Hobby to Galveston. Near the airport there is Bonnie's, Dot's, Don Carlos and Captain Benny's. Heading further south there is Boudreaux's, Abe's, Floyd's, Little Daddy's, Rudy's. Seabrook is a little further out of the way than these places (about 10 miles but it takes about 20-25 minutes because of all the lights and traffic).

    If it were me, I would go to Floyd's or Little Daddy's (but I'm a cajun that is drawn to good cajun food). The only thing I haven't liked at Floyd's was their dirty rice and I normally love dirty rice. Floyds has much more seating but Little Daddy's is fresh and new. They're both really good. If you like frog legs, get some at Floyd's - yum.

    Don Carlo's Restaurant
    8385 Broadway St, Houston, TX 77061

    1. If you like Korean there is Korean BBQ on El Dorado in Webster, less then a mile off 45.

      For Vietnamese there is Pho Hoang on Nasa Parkway (not the one on Bay Area) and it's a 2-3 miles off 45. I've not been to this one but it gets good reviews and it's on my list of places to try.

      1. I can't help at all I'm afraid.

        That's way outside of my stomping grounds by a wide margin, but I'm sure that you will get many useful replies.

        (And I'm awfully flattered to be called on by name. Thanks!)

        1. OK. Assuming you like Thai food, I've sort of got a hidden gem for you. Thai Jasmine Restaurant. When you find it, and you'll need a GPS to do so, you'll drive up and swear I'm pulling your leg. It's in a hidden strip mall off by itself in a pasture a quarter of a mile or so off the access road to the Galveston Freeway. It looks sort of like a dump. And while the food is not especially inventive -- more American Thai restaurant standard -- it is very, very good.

          The Tom Kha Gai (Chicken/Coconut milk soup) is out of this world great. Larb Nueh (beef salad) is very good. And the Honey Roasted Duck is among the best Thai duck entrees I've had anywhere.

          Thai Jasmine Restaurant
          10900 Kingspoint Rd, Houston, TX 77075

          1. For something different head to the barrrio and go to El Jardin on 75th. A simple 10 minute detour off I 45 for great Tex Mex not experienced by most in Houston. We love it. I just realized you're coming from Hobby and is a bit further out of your way, bit I'll leave it up. Down south I'll second Floyd's and ad Clary's on the Island.

            El Jardin Restaurant
            7849 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, TX 77012